What you Need to Know Before Threading Your Eyebrows


You cannot reverse the process after threading your eyebrows. This process is a one way ticked towards the attainment of better eyebrows irrespective of your starting point. Let me begin by enlightening someone who has not utilized the traditional Indian hair removal techniques. The origin of the threading hair removal technique is Asia, and it makes use of cotton twists to remove rows of hair at the follicle level. This treatment is not scary, but it is critical to know what to expect before you decide to thread your eyebrows.

Bearable Pain

Threading may feel like tweezing many hairs at the same time depending on the period of the month, your tolerance, and the therapist. You should not flinch during the process as it may lead to some unwanted bald patches.

One at a time

The therapist will request you to pull the eyelids in the opposite direction to allow the skin to be relaxed and taut for her to work on it. Some of them may think that you already know what to do.

Don’t Put on Lots of Make Ups

This guidance is critical for the obvious reasons lest you will end up smudging it everywhere.

Uncontrolled Side Effects

Some of them include eye watering and random sneezing. The streaming may not come from the pain but the sensitivity

Therapist May Not Ask What You Want

Some therapists avoid such questions and decide to work by instincts. In case your arches are growing out, make sure you specify, and the therapist will advise you accordingly.

Do you Want Your Brows Trimmed or Not?

This question is common from the therapist after the threading. It is an optional process that gives your unruly hairs a neat appearance. You may want to decline if you have sparse brows or beautiful hair.

Carefully check the Results

The therapist will always show you the results in a handheld after the treatment, and you can easily say great. However, it’s advisable to look closely and ask for tweaks in case you are not satisfied.

Aloe Vera Gel

Always go for Aloe Vera because it is always soothing and cooling and also reduces redness.

The Redness

It’s natural to experience a Rosy skin in the short run even though some people suffer than others. It may not allow you to out on a date immediately after the treatment. However, this may only last for an hour.


Some therapists may give you a little head massage after the threading. The soothing experience may melt out any previous pain you may have heard.


The therapist may advise you not to apply foundation/concealer afterward even though she may fill the eyebrows with the product of your choice. You should not ignore such advice as the makeup could clog, and the pores remain open by the removal of the hair and cause acne.

Best Brows

The only focus is that you will have the best brows ever. The threading will bring amazing transformation on formerly overgrown sparse, wonky and wild hairs. You can effortlessly fill in these freshly threaded brows which make the morning makeup routine quick. You will also save a lot of time on tweezing.