Vye Fitness Introduces New Line of Fitness Products


As health and personal fitness continues to be recognized more as a requirement than a hobby, New York City based startup company, Vye Fitness is working to help people achieve their personal fitness goals. Established in Fall of 2017, Vye Fitness is a brand committed to empowering people with the tools and resources they need to achieve their fitness goals.

We spoke with the founder and CEO of Vye Fitness to learn more about their products and how its brand it positioning itself as a tool to help people succeed.

Definition – Vying: To compete or contend

“Everyone is fighting for something” says Hughes, the founder of Vye Fitness. The definition of vye is to literally combat or compete for a certain outcome. “Some people want to lose weight, others are competing for a sport – life itself is a competition to survive and dominate other species.”

The editorial team at Pro Tribune had the opportunity to test the new products launched by Vye Fitness and were  impressed by how portable and stylish they were. We compared them to several other products on the market and found that they were both durable, came with light weight and efficient packaging and had a chic design.

The product’s brand does not come across as overly elitist, masculine, or feminine – like an iPhone, it’s loved by everyone for its quality and sleek modern design and is the gateway to opportunity.

According to Hughes, “Our products are developed to help people look great and feel great while using them; our team spent a long time with designers, fitness experts, and engineers to design a product that was convenient to use but also stylish – we found too many fitness products that were just ugly or complex.”

The most avant-garde element of Vye Fitness that we noticed is the startup brand adapts to the unique goals and lifestyle of each consumer, a bold attempt at combating homogenizing brands that view consumers as a group rather than an individual, as the founder explains “Vye Fitness is the personal trainer of fitness products, we hope to introduce more products in the future that help people be the best person they can and feel great about themselves.”

Vye Fitness expects to launch several more fitness products in the future that help people to more efficiently achieve their fitness goals. The brand is working with some of the most influential fitness and health professionals in the industry to curate a line of products and materials that are positioned to be the most functional and stylish on the market, while curating an ecosystem that empowers people to achieve their goals. As the founder explains, “fitness products are like the brush of an artist or the pen of a writer, they are used to form our end goals and should empower and motivate us as we pursue them.”

The first set of products introduced by Vye Fitness comprise two product lines, personal fitness and training products. Its personal fitness items include a two-in-one foam roller and mobility ball designed to relieve muscle tension and alleviate pain.

First for the training products is the agility ladder, which can be used for agility and speed drills during athletic training. According to Hughes, “while we may be launching new product line in the future to help people achieve their goals, we wanted to start with the items that are most important to reaching them. Our research shows that 65% of workouts are less effective than they could be due to a lack of proper equipment, and we wanted to change that.”