Unexplained Loud Booms Heard Around the World


Something very strange is happening, and it seems to be occurring all around our planet.

Loud noises, understandably startling for those who hear them, are certainly not the voices of gods, although their source has thus far defied scientific explanation too.

Houses and fearful inhabitants in Alabama on Nov. 20. reported the booms not long afterwards, explosion-like sounds were also heard in Colorado, although officials now feel that the Colorado clamor cannot be attributed to the global phenomenon, probably due to oil and gas extraction.

Other booms across the world, such as the one in Alabama, stay unexplained. Locals at Cairns, Australia, were shaken by a loud rumble on Oct. 10. Other mysterious sounds have been discovered in as far reaching areas as Michigan and Yorkshire, U.K.

Of course, there are theories. Anytime flourishing sounds are heard from the sky, it is worth ruling out a sonic boom caused by aircraft breaking the sound barrier. This could explain a few of the events — for instance, there are reports of a FA-18 Hornet plane flying nearby as soon as the noise was discovered in Cairns, Australia — but it is not a workable theme across each of the events.

Another possibility is that the booms are brought on by meteors bursting in the sky. The Leonid meteor shower Has coincided with all the hysteria. This concept could certainly explain why the phenomenon is global, though astronomers have insisted that meteors made by the Leonids are far too little for this to take place.

That NASA’s meteor scientists continue to be in the process of assessing the data and are looking for possible patterns involving each one of the reports. So far, though, there have been no consistent leads.

Obviously, it’s also likely that each of those flourishing sounds Is completely unrelated to the others, each with its own neighborhood explanation. It is not like many of the booms from around the world occurred at the exact same period; many occasions are separated by weeks, even months at this point. Even so, anytime a loud boom is heard, it is worth getting to the bottom of it. Booms, whether connected to largescale, Ggobal happenings or not, could be jarring to the creativity.