Uber Board Member Resigns


One of the Uber board members has resigned after making a sexist comment in a conference about sexism. The company is going through a rough time as it struggles to get a fresh start after the incidence. One of the board members of the company made a joke regarding gender stereotypes. This comment came in amidst the announcement of sexual harassment investigation findings. These sentiments added more fuel to the claims that were made of a toxic culture.

Investor David Bowerman who is a member of Uber’s board said that bringing more women on the board would result into more talking. The information was leaked from an audio that was obtained from Yahoo Finance. Bowerman later announced that he was resigning from the board while referring to his sentiments as inexcusable, inappropriate and careless.

The company also got another hit when the CEO on the same Tuesday when its CEO Travis Kalanick announced that he was going for an indefinite leave of absence to mourn the death of his biological mum. The senior executive of the company, Emil Michael made an announcement on Monday that he was also resigning. Michael was the second in command for Kalanick and the names of both of them have appeared in several recent scandals.

Michael paid a visit to an escort bar in South Korea in 2014 together with Kalanick and 14 other employees from the company. He is also included on the list of other executives who viewed the medical records of the woman who was raped by one of the Uber drivers in New Delhi. More than 20 Uber employees who are linked to sexual harassment have been fired so far by the company.

Tuesday was set aside as a forum of discussing the findings of sexual harassment claims that are associated with the Uber brand. Erick Holder, who is the former Attorney General has been re-deployed after the February blockbuster sexual harassment claims that were put forward by Susan Fowler who is a former Engineer. These incidences made Banderman’s comments not to be taken on a light tone.

Ariana Huffington, who is one of the board members talked about the recent inclusion of Wan Lang Martello as the second woman on the board. She expressed her happiness that there is going to be a second woman on Uber’s board. She said that there is a lot of data that shows the presence of one woman on any board increases the chances of getting a second one.

Banderman said that it increases the chances of talking more on the board. Bonderman is one of the founding partners at the TPG private equity firms which is one of the investors in Uber. The company is at the cross roads as it seeks to reclaim its reputation in the market. Bonderman laughed so much at that moment but she was tongue-tied by the same Tuesday night. “Actually, it shows that there is going to be likely more talking.” Said Bonderman in a sarcastic manner. The sentiments have been found to be discrediting especially while referring to the female gender.