Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms


Software Platforms for Tracking Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way of making an income online and marketing your products and services. To succeed with affiliate marketing, ensure you convert by engaging actively with your visitors for purchasing products from your links.

The potential for earning is massive if you show willingness in the yards of sharpening your strategies of affiliate marketing. Even though managing your affiliate program can be vexing alongside your normal activities, track down its growth and make an analysis of the statistics to make your income steady. Luckily, you can monitor and analyze your statistics by use of tracking software platforms below.

  1. LinkTrust

This digital marketing and affiliate tracking platform can track leads, sales, adds, calls and conversion. It optimizes and follows the success of personal internet marketing endeavors with efficiency, thus enabling successful campaign operations. LinkTrust has an interface which is customizable for tracking all online and offline adverts through server posts, pixels, CPA, cookies, CC, pay-per-call, and mobile traffic. Additional services from this software include lead validation, real-time reporting, fraud detection and lead management.

  1. Everflow

This is the best tracking platform in the market. It has a large user interface and a set of extensive features. This software has the most advanced reporting functionality and campaign management. It is the most cost -effective solution with features such as super-fast response time, live data from reports and graphs, private traffic partitioning, and a multidimensional analytics and reporting system.

iii.    AffTrack

AffTrack is the only enterprise SaaS solution with unlimited clicks. Since 2009, it has had numerous affiliate networks which make it more than just an affiliate tracking system. It has a mobile friendly interface which makes it easy to track while on the go. It has prominent features like proxy detection, suppression file management, real-time analytics, geo-targeting, and clients side tracking.

  1. Hitpath

This software allows customers to attribute various factors of digital marketing. It has the make of evaluating measurable and smart engagements with clients. This software is user-friendly, productive, fast, and enables real-time affiliate tracking. It offers free training plus a full-time support. It can also handle account module, member management, and real-time tracking of campaigns.

  1. Click Inc

This software has an intuitive interface for individuals that are not comfortable with HTML. Its Trulink format has a tool for enhancing SEO as it will improve your sales. It has key features which include providing insightful reports, availing status commissions, sales, and graphs. This software also includes a management tool for providing power used to create coupons for merchants’ follow-up.

  1. HasOffers

This tracking software is preferred by many online businesses because it accommodates global brands like LivingSocial, Social, and Zynga. It has all the features you need for operating and maintaining an affiliate program that is profitable. It has unique features like full API, fraud protection, tracking uptime, unlimited members and massive monitoring devices and metrics.

vii.    Voluum

This platform is among the best for controlling, tracking and optimizing your campaign marketing. When you use this software, you can monetize your campaigns by use of traffic, GEOs and OS types. You will track your purchases and monitor all factors that shape your business funnel.