Tips for getting the most out of Windows 10 S


If you ever wondered how to cope with limitations of Windows 10 S, a Microsoft’s operating system designed for students that is supposed to replace Chrome OS ecosystem and Google’s Chromebook here are some advices. Windows 10 S is a platform that only allows you to install Windows Store applications, which should result in better and faster functioning.

Web browsing

Choosing the right web browser is very important today, when almost everything is cloud based. With this operating system you are limited only to Microsoft Edge, which is probably not your fist choice, but nonetheless it will do the work you need in most cases. Although Flash is available on this operating system, Microsoft Edge will disable it by default.

The thing that probably bugs every user is Edge’s inability to import user data, especially bookmarks from other browsers. The only way is to export bookmarks as HTML files, and then manually import them. Or you can get another computer with Windows 10 installed, sync your Chrome settings and import them to Edge, and then sync those to your Windows 10 S computer. For passwords savings you could use LastPass, application that can be found on Windows Store.

Although only Windows Store apps are allowed, web sites will keep asking you to install apps i.e. Chrome. Microsoft will redirect every user that tries to download .exe files to this platform, to Windows Store.


As far as music goes, if you are Spoify user this operating system will serve you well, you will be able to download Spotify desktop app from the Windows Store and use it like you would anywhere else. Unfortunately, if you are Apple Music user this won’t work as iTunes is not in the Store. Microsoft did announce that deal has been made with Apple to include iTunes in the Windows Store, but the date of executing is unknown. And of course if you are fan of Groove Music, perfect, have fun. Any other services that are web-based will work in Edge.

Word processing

If you are using this operating system, you will probably do some word processing here and there, and you would probably wish to use Microsoft Word. In that case you have two options: a “preview” version of desktop Office that is available in the Windows Store or mobile version of Office used for phones and tablets. It it a matter of personal preference which do you prefer. Mobile version is probably better and gets job done quicker, but it does’t have much of advanced features.

All this applies only to Office 365 subscribers, otherwise your best choice is Google Docs which can be accessed through Microsoft Edge. Appy Text is a good app that can be found on the store, if you just need a simple text editor. Appy also supports markdown.

For cloud storing, you can use OneDrive, or web apps like Google Drive and Dropbox. Dropbox can also be installed to view your files, but you won’t be able to sync them without the full desktop app, which cannot be installed on Windows 10 S.


For this best option is Microsoft’s built-in mail app that could be used with Gmail. You can also use Gmail in Edge and enable desktop notifications.


Let’s suppose that your intention is not to be a gamer as you are using Windows 10 S. However your source here will be only Windows Store. Related to that, Microsoft is pushing the Xbox Play Anywhere program for cross-purchases between Xbox One consoles and Windows PCs.

Image and video

Well you always have the Paint3D app, eh? Also Photoshop Express could be found in the Store. The program will work for some light picture editing, but for some serious work on editing, Windows 10 S is not an option.