Tinder Online the New Web Version of the Dating App


Today, tinder is introducing a novel way for users to get access to the platform with the Tinder online launch, which is a web-optimized app the people can Tinder on their desktops.

Tinder online will still require you to sign in through your Facebook account, and it does not include Tinder revenue features like Super Like and Tinder Boost similar to services that sell Instagram likes.

Brian Norgard, the head of Tinder’s products, says that this online solution is meant to help users through the emerging markets do not have enough phone storage or have a big data plan for large image feeds on Tinder. The product is also meant to offer its users the option of messaging and swiping on the desktop, which is easy for power users than the mobile app.

According to a blog post, this application has the purpose of serving customers who are always on their computers, at work or in class, and would like switching amongst actual productivity and Tinder tabs.

The Tinder app has been native for some time especially on iOS the later on Android. However, this company is now serving more than 196 countries in the world and is in the process of learning flexibility when giving people options on the use of Tinder.

When it comes to privacy, Tinder reiterates that the only info it takes about users that log into Tinder online is their location via the browser. It is vital to remember that Tinder makes use of Facebook as a mechanism for logging in. Therefore, there is no limitation of personal info with which the company can access for marketing, matching or advertising.

Since Tinder’s DNA is mobile, there existed a learning curve employed in constructing something for bigger screens. Norgard continues to say that it was challenging because immediately you start as a mobile company, web building feels like a backward move. There exists a unique skill set that comes from the user behavior point of view and a design perspective.

From a philosophical point of view, some users will feel Tinder as a game than an app for social dating. The company, therefore, has come up with minor tweaks for countering this aspect. This app would prompt you to keep playing when you matched big letters, and now it asks if you want to send a message rather than you to keep swiping.

Broadly, the construction of Tinder was made for use as a time-sink and a dating app for helping you connect with potential partners.

Making this app available via the internet helps in encouraging users to ignore work and class to Tinder. This does not make this app to retain its focus on people but rather make them continue matching and swiping.

From the perspective of business, Tinder gets self-fuel on the growth of users, hoping that the users will become paid users by either subscribing to Tinder plus or buy Tinder Boost. This will allow users get access to this platform from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection, even without installing any software.

The launch of this software comes when news has been going around that Tinder is running a secret version for members only called Tinder Select. This hidden app allows users to toggle between celebs and regular persons. The test version of Tinder online is taking place in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Italy, Indonesia, Philippines, Sweden, and Mexico.