These Foods Will Help to Combat Knee Pain


A new study, presented in the 103rd Scientific Assembly and Annual
Meeting of Radiological Society of North America in Chicago, suggests you ought to concentrate on a mix of a good diet, weight reduction and exercise alone may not confer these benefits.

The knee joint is a common site of osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease that affects more than a third of adults over age 60 and in many individuals, the illness progresses until complete knee replacement becomes necessary.

Weight reduction has been demonstrated to slow down cartilage degeneration in obese and obese individuals, but it was unclear if the method used to get rid of weight made a difference.

For the study, the group researched cartilage degeneration and joint abnormalities within the course of 96 weeks in 380 overweight women and men. The participants either had mild to moderate Osteoarthritis or risk factors for the disease and were divided into a group of 380 patients who lost weight through diet and exercise, and each by themselves. The results showed that cartilage degeneration was considerably lower among individuals who lost weight through diet and exercise or diet alone. Weight reduction through exercise alone showed no significant gap in cartilage degeneration, the investigators stated.

Perhaps not just this, a great deal of organic ingredients from your own kitchen can also help Yyou deal with symptoms such as knee stiffness and pain. Try these herbs and remedies.

1. Consuming seeds, rich in calcium can help.

2. You can even eat giloy. Giloy stems can be chewed as is or roasted and blended with lukewarm water.

3. Turmeric is antiseptic and has therapeutic properties. When teamed with warm milk, it acts on treating joint pains in addition to facilities the recovery procedure.

4. A lot of people experience knee pain through winters, for them, methi (fenugreek seeds) can be soaked overnight and absorbed to relieve pain.

5. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties; consequently topical application of ginger oil as well as drinking ginger tea regularly can also help. You can also have ginger together with milk to get effective outcomes.

Try these natural ways to keep your joints and knees strong and healthy.