The New Call of Duty: WWII comes with more Nazi Zombies


Nine years after Activision’s World War II themed Call of Duty we are getting another one. Call of Duty: WWII is coming on November 3rd and guess what, it has Nazi zombies. Although Activision wanted the new game to have a different feel, this will surely be great experience for hardcore gamers.

The chief operating and development officer for Sledgehammer, Games Michael Condrey said that zombie movies inspired him and that he wants to make the most terrifying game we have ever seen played. For that purpose, he had used different setting but same construction of classic zombie movies. He said that this setting will make the game more intense. He said this will be the“hardest Easter egg hunt” he has ever made.

Cameron Dayton, creative director for the game new that really great story could be told through the zombie game. Liking current multyplayer and single games helped him to create a story which will keep the players interested and engaged during the whole gameplay, and even make them play it all over again. He did this by using true stories and events from the WWII, and adding some legends and myths from that period.

The Senior Director of Development for Activision, Jon Horsley said what will players be doing and what will the plot be. He said that player will be on mission to find “stolen art” with their team but he added that they will find “much more than that.”

New rewarding system was also mentioned, and it said it will be different from Nazi Zombie mini games so far, which is something that player are looking forward to. The game will still have classic fictional weapons with some additions, whole game is said to be a mixture of old new and old. Interactive experiences will be presented through the game and cast.

And cast will include none other than Doctor Who. Ok, not Doctor Who but David Tennant. He will be playing stereotype Scottish person with all the cursing. He said that he had that “authentically Scottish field” thanks to growing up in Paisley. Olivia Durant will be portrayed by Elodie Young. She is going to be using her family heritage, or rather past to carry out her role, as her great-grandfater, and grandfather were part of the French resistance. Katherine Winnick will be playing the character of Marie Fischer. Marie is a daughter of a weapon maker and a recruit from the Office of Strategic Services. She will be trying to reunite with her brother.

And then comes the brilliant Nazi doctor Peter Glücksbringer Straub whose goal is to make the German army unstoppable and he plans on doing that by making a perfect soldier, the one who doesn’t eat, sleep or die. Udo Kier will be providing voice for this character. And lastly Ving Rhames will voice a marksman who will lead this group of characters through a Bavarian village.

Having said all of this, we can just add that this game will probably be hell of experience.