The device for tracking your car via a smartphone


Sometimes it will happen that you lose your car from the parking lot. In most cases, you will park your car, go shopping and on coming back, your car is not in the parking. You start walking around pressing the panic buttons of your vehicle for the alarm to go off. This experience is very frustrating. You do not have to make an expensive GPS installation in your car. Installing is expensive as you will have to pay a monthly fee for the service.

You need to smile as there is a new way of tracking your vehicle. There is a new start-up company in California that is making this revelation a reality. There is a small device that will work well with your smartphone. It is called The TrackR, and it has all the solutions you need. The TrackR is a state-of-the-art device for tracking that comes in a quarter size. It will change the way we track the things we value most.

How does the TrackR work?

Installation is easy as it involves installing the TrackR app on your smartphone and you connect it with the device. You will have to just attach this device on any goods you want to monitor. The whole procedure of installing and connecting takes about five minutes. You can be able to attach this device to your wallet, briefcase, keys and any other gadget you want to monitor. You will then use the TrackR application on your phone for tracking your missing items in no time.

You will have to forget the expensive GPS and tracking services. There no person who has the interests of paying a monthly subscription for trackers. This device has come on board because the manufacturer understands how stressful affording tracking devices can be. This device can act as your assistant in your life when you want to track essential attire.

As per in the stolen car scenario, you can place this device under the floor mat of your car, inside the glove compartment or in the trunk. It needs to be somewhere discreet where a thief cannot find easily.

This app can help you in the scenario where you forget the exact location you had parked your car. Just simply open the TrackR application, open the lost item option, and the track will give you the exact location the car is.

Where else can you use this tracker?

The TrackR device has many possibilities. This device is both small and non-disruptive enough for attaching it to a pet. You can insert it in the collar, and the issue of looking for them when they are walking in the vicinity is over. Attach the device to your wallet and keys and looking for them will be an easy task. This device also comes with a two-sided adhesive for sticking to your laptop or bike. The device will help in tracking thieves who steal pricey items.

Purchasing this device is an excellent idea because you will not incur any monthly charges. This device is not expensive as it retails for twenty-nine USD only. This is a good price to pay for affording peace of mind.