The Bun of Some Flights from the Middle East by the UK


After the United States prevented flight passengers from some countries in Africa and the Middle East from carrying electronic devices like Tablets and Laptops in the cabin, the United Kingdom has followed suit. These restrictions only affect 14 airlines, and six of them also operate in the United Kingdom. The ban covers all electrical devices that are bigger than an ordinary Smartphone.

These additional security measures may bring a lot of disruptions for both flights and their passengers. According to the government statement, they understand the frustrations that come with such restrictions, but the most important thing is to make sure that the British nationals are safe.

The affected airlines include Saudia, Tunis Air, Royal Jordanian, Egyptair, Middle East Airlines, Atlas-Global Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Thomson, Thomas Cook, Monarch,, EasyJet, and British Airways.

Both the U.K and U.S regulations will affect various departure points. These new restrictions on boarding direct flights to the U.K include affects flights from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. However, some of the airports that the U.S restrictions cover such as Casablanca (Morocco), Kuwait City, Doha (Qatar), Dubai (UAE) and Abu Dhabi are not affected by the United Kingdom.

“The Prime Minister of the U.K Theresa May is aware of the same intelligence information as well as the U.S officials.” Said a government source to CNN before these restrictions were made public.  The source said that the Prime Minister had been discussing security matters with U.S officials on several occasions for the past few weeks.

“We fully understand the position of America because we have been in close touch with them,” said the U.K government in a statement. According to British Airways, any customer who is boarding a flight from the affected airports should allow a lot of time for checking in. However, they explained that there would be no changes in the other flight operations.

According to the Thomas Cooks which provides vacation packages, customers will not be allowed to carry e-readers, tablets, and laptops in their hand luggage and they must place them in the hold. According to their reports, large Smartphones like the iPhone 7 Plus is allowable in the Cabin.

The administration of Donald Trump has ordered nine airline services flying from 10 Africa and Middle East Airports to block passengers from traveling with several kinds of electronic devices into the cabin for all U.S bound flights. The customers will instead have to check in these electronic appliances.

This ban covers all devices that are larger than Smartphones and includes laptops, Kindles, and iPads. The ban is indefinite and mostly affects passengers from Muslim countries. The Transportation Security Administration has already informed all the affected airlines of these new procedures. What is not clear is whether this ban will extend to other flight departure points.

The French authorities have been reluctant in responding to a request for their comment. You cannot tell the next country that will impose the same restrictions after the U.S and U.K.