SUV Concept by Toyota has Removable lights


Toyota unveiled an SUV concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show Thursday that targets outdoor fans, including cyclists and hikers.

Called the Future Toyota Adventure Concept, or FT-AC, it could match Toyota’s bestselling automobile, the less adventurous RAV4 compact SUV.

The exterior of this FT-AC has prominent black cladding around the wheel wells, 20-inch tires, metallic green paint with a white top, silver trim and a bicycle rack. The small SUV could provide a hybrid powertrain that blends fuel efficiency with all-wheel-drive.

Toyota, which mounted a bike on the prototype, has said the company perspectives cyclists because a desirable consumer demographic in the mindset and fiscal capacity. Product information notes that fog lighting can be taken out from their pods and used as portable lights or attached to some mountain bike for occasional night rides.

In addition, Toyota says infrared cameras on the side mirrors can record track runs and, like the fog lights, may be removed and mounted off-vehicle. An integrated Wi-Fi automatically uploads footage to cloud-based storage where real time editing and posting can be retrieved via mobile apparatus.

Jack Hollis, group vice president for the Toyota Division, said the vehicle was fashioned for “outdoor enthusiasts who wish to dial up the experience on their weekend getaways.”

Dave Sullivan, merchandise analysis manager at AutoPacific Inc., said Toyota’s introduction of this FT-AC concept isn’t a coincidence with the debut of this new Jeep Wrangler.

“The Ford Raptor, Jeep Wrangler, Toyota 4Runner, along with the Land Rover manufacturers have brought in consumers because of their capability and freedom,” he explained. “The upcoming Ford Bronco is another clear sign that firms are listening to their consumers.”

He further added, “off-road capacity is likely rarely used for most 4Runner buyers but the notion of being able to survive a zombie apocalypse is reassuring to many. The FT-AC, if it makes it into production, would likely join the ranks of being a coveted off-roader just as the FJ Cruiser was.”

Although currently a design experiment, FT-AC is a gasoline-powered automobile with an advanced torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system.

Stephanie Brinley, a senior analyst in IHS Markit, said Toyota and many others have identified niche buyers who want lifestyle vehicles along with the comfort of knowing they could go anywhere and do anything, even if special capabilities Are rarely used. This space. “After we came from this downturn, there was the idea that We’d eliminate SUVs and not come back to them and that is not