Short Game of Thrones fashion analysis


As we are just hours away from the airing of first episode of seventh season of the seminal series Game of Thrones and as we are waiting to see how will this decade defining drama proceed and unravel we might as well take a short look on the fashion aspects. Because, why not.

Although the show often shocks it’s viewers with all the twists, the consequence of that is most of the other aspects of the show are overlooked by the audience. I will here take the example of Michele Carragher’s impressively gorgeus embrodiery.

Designer Michele Clapton’s claim that they were never bound by the rules of any particular time period” is quite true, and that is what makes the series’ costumography brilliant.

Sansa Stark

First of the masterpieces that comes to mind is Sansa’s second wedding dress. Although the wedding is not really happy and Sansa’s despise towards Ramsy Bolton can be touched, the dress carries some amount of safety as it reminds oh her home and memories (but when I think of it, they are not really great). Whole composition of her dress reminds of the cape coats that were worn in the 1960s, with fluid body and high neck. In the same time, her sleeves are more like “bishop style” of the 19th century, they gow all the way to the wrists and then are cuffed. That makes Sansa’s look a bit smoother and contrasts with overall heavy design

Cersei Lannister

Now we are going to the wedding of King Joffrey, but not to analyze his style, but his mother’s. Her dress in this episode is a starter pack for fantasy costume that is always connected to the medieval times. It has symbolic embroidery, long flowing sleeves and long skirt. Although this period was on designer’s mind, this costume looks more like royal costumes of 16th century, esspecially the one Queen Elizabeth I. It has low neckline, slender long torso and a rich color scheme. Cersei’s posture while wearing this dress also reminds of the posture that women had while wearing this kind of dresses in that period – clasped hands, in front of their waist. This dress also has some sharp, constraining undertones that goes perfectly well with this character.

Daenerys Targeryen

Daenerys Targaryen alway gets has the funkiest of costumes. Her style constantly looks like combining epic fantasy with science fiction. Costumes she wears are supposed to reflect “this sense of power and also a sense of immortality … this rather untouchable [quality and] a removal from reality” said the designer. If we take into account Daenerys’s desire for constant progress and unstoppable re-inventing of herself, it is probably unexpected that she has some historical links. Certain number of her costumes is apparently influenced by the pleated dresses of Mariano Fortuny, well known Spanish designer. Those costumes make her look more like a sweet person, while her other costumes give out that severe look. Fortuny’s influence can be seen in Daenerys being portrayed as attractive yet “practical”, and that was what he argued for. Regarding this Clapton said, “I like that sense of, ‘I can play this [queen] but underneath, I can run’.”