Seven in Custody After the London, Westminster Attack


Seven people are so far under police custody following the Wednesday London, Westminster attack that left four people dead. Head of Counter Terrorism and Acting Deputy Commissioner, Mark Rowley confirmed that hundreds of detectives have been working around the clock and carrying out searches at six addresses.  “The dead comprise of a man in his 50’s, a woman in his 40’s, the attacker, and PC Keith Palmer.” He continued to say in a statement.

Seven people are still in critical condition in hospital after sustaining severe injuries. According to Rowley, an additional 29 people had been treated in hospital and discharged. During the Wednesday attack, a man drove in a car on one of the pavements in Westminster and knocked down several pedestrians while leaving dozens of them with injuries. He went ahead to stab a police officer, but the guard who was in the parliament grounds shot him dead.

Mr. Rowley said that inquiries are going on in the other parts of London such as Birmingham. According to him, the attacker could have been inspired by international terrorism but acted alone. However, he said that they have no further threats to the public at that point. He has not yet named the bridge victims who comprise of a mix of different nationalities. He advised journalists not to display the identity of the attacker as investigations were still underway.

According to him, Londoners will see several police officers on the street. The authority has extended the working hours for all police officers and canceled all leaves. Initially, it was believed that three people died on the Westminster Bridge, but Rowley only referred to two. Three people linked to this attack were arrested in Birmingham address. According to BBC news sight, the car that the attacker used was hired in Bingham. However, these reports have not yet been confirmed by the security officials.

The Defense Secretary Sir Fallon Michael said that they will review the security detail at the parliament. The cabinet office will observe a one minute silence at exactly 09:33 am as a way of paying respect to the victims. The flag on top of the parliament building is currently flying half. However, the parliament sittings will continue as usual.

Anyone who is worried about his friends and family can call the police Bureau on 0207 158 0010 or 0800 05 0944. Anyone who has a footage or images can forward them to According to Sir Fallon Michelle, the attack may be linked to Islamic terrorism.

PC Palmer played a critical role in stopping the attacker from getting to the parliament building. He gave his life for the democracy that the residents cherish. The goodness is that the mood of London is getting back to normal. The Londoners have seen such terrorists before, and they will not allow them to triumph. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, is expected to make his statement shortly. However, he had already said that such attempts to fight the U.K values would fail.