Samsung enables Bixby’s voice feature in the USA


Three months after the AI technology first became available on GalaxyS8 and S8 Plus phones, on this Tuesday, Samsung launched voice capabilities for it’s digital voice assistant Bixby in the US. Samsung delayed it’s launch and even missed it’s promise that it will be available “later this spring”.

The company had delayed the launch and missed its own promised “later this spring” deadline, at least in the US.

Newest Samsungs owners will have the ability to access Bixby after updating their phones with update coming at 9 p.m. PT. Although South Koreans already have Bixby Voice since May, they will now be able to use it with the English language capabilities. There are no informations when will Bixby Voice be available in other countries.

Bixby is Samsung’s digital voice assistant that appeared on Samsung’s latest smartphones, it is used with button on the side that lets you communicate with AI. But the voice part did not work when Galaxy S8 was launched in April. Only thing that worked with Bixby was “Vision, Home and Reminder”, it helps you track your day, organize calendar and identifies objects in photos.

Samsung then chose to not launch voice capabilities right away and work on them some time more to get them ready for consumers.Over 100,000 Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus users participated in testing it in early access preview program. Those users generated more than 4 million commands and helped Samsung refine Bixby’s capabilities.

One of the benefits is “increased comprehension on command variations.” An example of it would be asking what the weather is like in various ways, “What’s the weather like today?”, “Show me today’s weather,” or “What’s the forecast today?” and you wil get the answer anyways. It is also said that response time is improved, more hands-free operations are added and amongst that there is a new “read aloud feature.” It can read your latest email. Samsung also improved Bixby’s interaction with third-party apps. Now you can change your location on Google Maps using Bixby voice feature.

Bixby is last in the row of AI digital assistants, coming after Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Assistant. In the moment every tech giant today is working on these assistants because they are the way we will interact with gadgets in the future. All the companies hope to build a relationship with consumers now and eventually get you to buy their products.

The difference between Samsung’s AI and other’s is that Samsung is focused on providing you with AI that will help you to organize your phone and not to browse the web. In Samsung they do believe that AI is the future of computing, and they have proven it with Bixby.