Roman Polanski Case Ruling Expected in 90 Days


Roman Polanski fled from the U.S close to 40 years ago, after pleading guilty to having sexual intercourse with a minor. However, the legal saga of this film maker may get a ruling shortly.

Judge Scott Gordon is expected to give a ruling on this case within the next 90 days. According to Harlan Braun, Roman Polanski is currently 83 years of age and wants the case over him. Harlan is the lawyer to Roman Polanski. He said that his client has already made a public declaration that he regrets the criminal activity. According to Braun, this film director should not be subjected to a further jail term in case he returns to the U.S.

The History of the Case

This 40-year-old case dates back to 1977 and Roman Posnanski is accused of giving the 13-year-old victim part of a Quaalude tablet and Champagne before he had sex with her during a photo shooting session at the house of the famous actor Jack Nicholson.

Roman Posnanski was charged with several felonies but the prosecutors decided to drop the charges in a bargain plea where he pleaded guilty of indulging in unlawful sex with a minor. Laurence. Rittenband, who was the preceding judge over the case had initially sent the culprit to the maximum-security prison for 42 years.

However, Roman Posnanski fled the county on the eve of the sentence after learning that the judge might not go for the short-term jail he was expecting to get in exchange for his plea. Polanski has been fighting the efforts of U.S extradition in Switzerland and Poland since then.  However, he continued with his career as a Hollywood exile in nations that would not subject him to potential extradition. Roman Posnanski was a no show in 2003 at the academy Awards Ceremony where he was crowned and Oscar Award for his great film “The Pianist.”

DA: Is Polanski Seeking for ‘Special Treatment”

According to his lawyer, the LA court should consider the 300 days Polanski spend in custody and the 42 years that he spent in jail in California as he was going through extradition in Switzerland to be part of the prison service. The implication of this special treatment is that he would not be subjected to further jail time in the U.S.

according to Braun, his client has already served the expected sentence as he was supposed to serve a maximum of 12 months in prison on the basis of the standards that were in place in the 1970’s. The lawyer sought an indication regarding Polanski’s potential sentencing from the court of law, to allow his client to return to the country.

Braun also pleaded with the court to lift the arrest warrant of Polanski that was issued in 1978. Michele Hanisee, who is the Deputy District Attorney balked these requests from Braun and this is a clear indication of the kind of sentencing the culprit would receive upon his return to the U.S.

She said that the case was long overdue because the defendant fled and fought all the efforts to bring him back to jurisdiction. In her opinion, justice does not allow you to treat a wealthy celebrity differently from other citizens. Samantha Geimer, who is the victim in this case, said that Polanski took advantage of her in order to have sex. however, she has been urging the court to drop the matter.