Reasons for making co-workers to like you


Most of us would like to be liked in workplaces because we spend most of the time there. Growing good relations with bosses and workers can be an enormous boon for your career. Interpersonal connections will help you to advance in the organization and give you a network that will help your career in later days.

Some people usually think that achieving office popularity is shallow and time wastage. The truth is that work comes first and schmoozing will help in going far in many fields. The tip is that if you want to forge forward, it is essential to be excellent at your job. It will help in reducing hatred and ignorance by colleagues in the office. Below are some tips for making workmates like you.

  1. Asking questions

People love talking about themselves. Since this is natural, you can take advantage of this fact and ask questions about your co-worker’s projects, interests, and personal life. Every individual is an own favorite subject and all things you say will enable them to relate to themselves.

  1. Be complementary enough

Do not let your compliments be stingy. Make sure that you recognize that scarcity usually increases value. According to the business insider writer, Shana Lebowitz, co-workers love the feeling that they have won your capacity to some extent. This entails sticking to occasional positive comments instead of constant flattery.

iii.    Paying attention to body language

Analyzing a situation before conversing is essential when aiming towards the right direction and embarking on building rapport. Be keen to watch the body language and all non-verbal cues. Look for eye contact and micro-expressions. Avoid starting a conversation when someone is in a hurry.

  1. Be nice

This point is evident. If you want to be liked, be pleasant and pleasing for people to be around you. Being nice is among the simple steps of taking charge of your profession. Being genuinely nice and looking for best qualities in people is important when building workplace relations. You do not have to be aggressively sweet but identify a remarkable thing that people do, ask for their help and be thankful for them. Note that even the nastiest person possesses good qualities.

Individuals love opinion sharing and tutoring on things they are best at doing. Take time to learn them and appreciate the slightest thing they did to help in making you a success.

  1. Doing your homework

Do not stalk your co-workers because it is a bad idea. It is smart to carry out a light research for figuring out what they stand for and adore. You might find that you possess mutual interests and friends and that could break the ice for you. This trick is also necessary for winning workplace rivals.

The more you ice break, the more you will swim towards good races. Learning more about workmates will help in softening your heart on the way you see them. This will motivate you to work hopefully, faster and genuinely.

  1. Act natural

Do not be crazy towards winning over everyone. It is easy to spot desperation, and it will not look good on you. Ensure you keep your request for office like level and use this opportunity for expanding your friendship and workplace network. The bets bonding strategy is over shared activities including coffee dates. Ensure that your network has the capacity of having your back in the workplace. This will work more when strengthening the bond than when just smiling when at meeting tables.