New Pendant May Reshape Elder Care Industry

Senior woman walking

According to a report by the US Census, in 2050, the population aged 65 and over is  projected to be 83.7 million, almost double its estimated population currently. The quickly growing elderly population may have something to look forward to within the coming years.

A New York City based elder care technology startup, LiveCare plans to introduce a new smart pendant to replace traditional life alert systems. The founder, Peri Avitan, a season medical industry entrepreneur is secretive about the inner workings of the pendant prior to launch. However, we were fortunate enough to try it out and were impressed by its features.

Traditional medical alert systems are the pendants that elders wear that have a single button pressed to instantly content a medical emergency center to send help if needed. Most of these devices function once the button is pressed and synchronize to a central center that is connected to a phone line. This is often considered inefficient because the elder may not be capable of remember to press the button or communicate with the call center if they have fallen. Moreover, many problems persist with some elders including those that require services or are at risk of getting ‘lost’ due to dementia or other mental illnesses.

Unlike traditional medical alert pendants, the LiveCare smart pendant has an intuitive LED interface and allows elders to instantly interact with their care providers, family, friends, and others with just a couple clicks. It also has extremely ‘smart’ technology including GPS and medical fall technology that instantly notifies caregivers, parents, and other concerned parties when the elder has fallen.

Where traditional pendants typically have a central box acting as a speaker, the LiveCare pendant has a built-in speaker and video chat system so that caregivers can connect with elders directly through the device, which may be taken anywhere – eliminating the need for a mobile and home based devices. According to Peri Avitan, the founder and CEO of LiveCare, the new smart pendant was designed around several years of research based on how elder care staff interact with their elderly patients and customers.

During his time working with elder care agencies and caring for his own elderly family, Peri noticed several issues that previous pendants did not address. However he argues that with the changing technologies available to consumers, problems that were not previously solved are able to be addressed not available at the time the original medical alert pendant was introduced into the market. LiveCare is not yet available to consumers, but full market launch is expected soon and monthly pricing plans are expected to rival or be cheaper than other existing medical alert pendants.