Mother Faces Felony Charges After Recording Daughter’s Bullies


A Virginia mother is facing jail time after she put a voice recorder in her daughter’s backpack in an attempt to catch the child’s bullies in the act. When she was informed her daughters were being bullied in school, Sims went to the administrators, however, said she got no answer, according to people familiar with the matter.

Sims, 47, sent her daughter to school with a voice recorder in her backpack in hopes to catch the bullies from the action. The voice recorder sat inside her daughter’s desk all day before being confiscated by school officials.

Now, Sims was charged with intercepting wire.

“I was appalled when I heard these charges,” Sims’ lawyer Kristin Paulding stated. “I was shocked to realize that the faculty would choose to visit the police department and finally charge this mother rather than sitting her down and having only a simple conversation about what exactly were her concerns and how would the college relieve those concerns.”

Sims said she believed utilizing the voice recorder could be a fantastic way for her to “learn the environment.” Paulding added, the recorder “was a way to be certain that that classroom was a safe place” for the child, but because it was confiscated, they will never understand what it captured.

Virginia is a one-party consent state. It is legal for someone to record others once the person recording is involved with the conversation or when among those parties in the conversation has given prior permission.

According to Sims, this is not the first time her daughter has been bullied. When she was in third grade, she was kicked in the stomach and the school didn’t notify Sims. Her daughter proceeds to Attend Ocean View Elementary School, but was transferred to a different class.