Kraig Moss no longer playing Trump’s songs


Kraig Moss did sell all his construction equipment last year and stopped paying his mortgage for him to follow the campaign train of Trump. The country crooner, who is an amateur, used to sing pro-trump ditties and strumming the guitar which had Trump campaign stickers, for earning a living. The international media gave nicknamed him as the unheard voice of America.

Currently, Moss does not play a guitar with the decorations of Trump. This is as a result of the newly healthcare bill proposed by republicans. The health legislation, which has the support of the president, will lead to reduced cut for treating addicts. Moss found his son, Rob, 24 years old, dead in the house from an overdose of heroine. This bill is the opposite of what the president was representing during the campaigns.

Kraig feels it personally because Trump reached out to him last year during the campaigns in Lowa over the health of Rob. The president said that even very strong people lack the ability of getting off heroin. He promised the individuals in the crowd that for the honor of Rob, the government would have to stop heroin. Trump went ahead to comfort him when he got emotional.

On several occasions during the campaigns, Trump made a promise of increasing the services for the individuals with addiction disorders. He said that he will get the addicts help and necessary assistance in October at the New Hampshire rally. Craig did trust Trump and even believed that trump will do all he can to create centers for treating kids.

However, a few days ago, Moss read the proposed healthcare act. This requirement will be ending the Obamacare requirements that the mental health treatment and addiction services will have a cover under the Medicaid that is in 31 states which had their healthcare program expanded. New York state, which is the home of Craig Moss, is part of the 31 states.

Doctor Joshua Sharfstein, who is the director of the Bloomberg American Health, says that this bill will devastate efforts of addressing the opioid crisis. He continues to say that this legislation, which is in the house of representatives, will cost the lives of Americans. Last week during a town hall event, Tom Price, the secretary of Health and Human services, got a chance of answering the question about the provisions for the opioid treatment. He said that there are excellent ideas of addressing it but the federal government is blocking the thoughts.

Tom continues to say that there are unusual ways as long as the focus is on the patient and not the government. Moss reflects back from his campaign days and remembers the efforts he made on promoting the campaigns. He went as far as selling his tracks and going across restaurants selling CDs campaigning for Donald Trump.

Craig did a lot to sell Donald’s candidacy and now he wishes that he never sold them. However, he is not thinking about the regrets but the future. During his son’s memorial, earlier in the month, people turned out and had a fund raiser of over 3,000 USD for the local center for drug treatment.