Is Sugar from Fruit Juices into the Body Harmful to Your Child?


Several health experts are continuously expressing concerns about the sugar contents in juices. These sugars can pose a health threat to children and expose them to obesity.

The relationship between consuming a 100% fruit juice and gaining weight has been a subject of study in many Thursday paediatric journals. This study states that when children take a 100% fruit juice, they gain slight weight. The study, therefore, recommends that children should take this juice in moderation.

I think parents should consider giving children whole fruits instead of fruit juice. Water and low-fat unsweetened milk are also perfect alternatives to the 100% fruit juice.

Professor Auerbach shares a concern that these juices have too much sugar. He says that although the sugar occurs naturally, there come additional health problems when you take this juice such as risking cavities, diabetes and weight gain in young children.

This study was a meta-analysis and a stellar review of eight studies that used to observe the consumption of 100% fruit juice vis a vis weight gain in children. This was basing on the body mass index of these kids. Auerbach continues to say that this increase in weight is not very harmful to health.

Researchers also found that children below six years will gain 0.3 pounds in a year if they consume a daily serving of the fruit juice. Children beyond seven years did not get any weight gain side effect. Even though the weight gain is minimal, it is important to make these points. The effects of these juices amplify when the child gets a fruit juice exposure for an extended period. Consuming the fruit juice consecutively for two years will increase significant weight gain.

However, this data does not illustrate that gaining ¼ pound over two years will be ½ pound weight. The truth is that there is a greater risk of gaining more weight as long as you continue drinking juice.

The study, therefore, determines that all children should not get exposure to fruit juices during their first six years of life. Researchers also found that the weight gain in children between 2 to 6 years was not significant but could be seen in children below two years.

Overall studies show that a daily serving of 100% fruit juice will increase the body mass index of all children. These results surprise because several fruit juices have relative amounts of sugar as regular soda.

Even though the evidence comes from all available research, they did not have randomized controlled trials. He says that they did not examine other outcomes other than weight gain, such as the risk of diabetes because limited studies are done in children.

The age group between 1 to 3 years is at a higher risk when it comes to weight gain when they drink 100% fruit juice.

The American pediatrics academy recommends that children below six years should drink little 100% fruit juice per day. Infants should not be given fruit juice.

Conversely, these fruit juices have health benefits. They contain vitamins, nutrients like antioxidants and minerals. For adult US dietary guidelines states that you should not take more than one cup of 100% fruit juice per day. You can instead consume whole fruit. Nutrients in whole fruit usually differ from the ones in fruit juice. They contain fiber that is not found in 100% fruit juices.