iPhone 8 software problems could delay product launch


As we are waiting for September launch of the iPhone 8 it is reported that Apple workers, specifically designers and engineers are trying to avoid production delays by trying to solve some software problems in the device.

Apparently company is in panic as they discovered software problems that could lead to device shipping without some important features working. One of those features is wireless charging. It was said earlier that Apple will enable inductive wireless charging with the iPhone8, but right away came the rumors that said this will be enabled put via charger that will be bought separately. Apple bloger, John Gruber earlier wrote it’s plausible that Apple may ship the iPhone 8 without inductive wireless charger which will come out later along with an iOS 11.1 update.

On the Fast Company site it’s stated that the problem is in the software not the components.

Another field on which Apple is allegedly struggling is 3D sensor that is supposed to be built in the front camera which will have a facial scanning and would replace Touch ID. The problem is allegedly again not the software. As the problem is in the components, one of the solution is to built the 3D sensor in and make it work afterwards with the software update. It is nevertheless believed that 3D sensor will be done in time for shipping.

Concerning the Touch ID, Fast Company’s source said Apple could could still work on it and place it under the display. KeyBanc Capital Markets report said Apple was still trying to put the fingerprint sensor, and that they had “just a couple of weeks” to make it work.

Considering that device designs are almost always finished long before production this is not likely to hapen, but Fast Company’s source says the report is “plausible” and adds “in all likelihood, the fingerprint sensor will be embedded under the display.” He also said Iphone features “can remain fluid until deep in the summer” ahead of an iPhone launch.

Taking in account that many trustworthy sources as Bloomberg reported that Apple will have new feature that will be able of facial recognition, and that it will replace Touch ID it is not very likely that Fast Company source is right. Nevertheless we will never surely predict what will happen on device debut in September, and till then there will surely be more rumors. There were rumors of display problems, Touch Id and 3D sensor, which should make big supply issues, and the latest is that iPhone8 won’t be available till late 2017 or early 2018.