How Will You Keep Your Child Active on Plane Without Electronic Devices?


The new ban on electronic devices on US and UK flights from the middle east is causing frustration and confusion among passengers who have active children. One couple says that they will be flying with their daughter by use of Emirates with their sixteen months’ twin daughters. They come from Boston but reside in Vietnam and will travel with their daughters Noa and Evva.

Even though this ban gives an allowance to passengers to carry their smartphones, they will leave laptops, tablets and all other devices. As parents plan for long flights with children that love electronics, experts have come up with solutions for keeping children busy.

  1. Carry Non-Electronic Toys

Ann Kienzle, the owner of play, says that she can see why this situation will make people edgy because the gaming system is always a good fall back option for extended flight periods. She gets regular customers interested in toys that will occupy children on long trips.

Parents can carry different types of small and hassle-free toys on long flights. She recommends toys like magnetic playsets or magnetabs by mudpuppy or Haba. You can also build kits such as PlusPlus that will allow your children create a 3-D or a two-dimensional image structure that can fit in small travel bags.

For infants and new-borns, Kienzle recommends which they can hold or chew. Some toys like crinkly, soft baby paper and indestructible books are child proof, and the suction cup rattles like pipSquigz are perfect for occupying kids.

Older children can use card games and books. These options will enhance the engagement of the family.

  1. looking For On-Board Entertainment Options

Long flights will possess some on board entertainment. In the event, you cannot carry your electronic device, make sure you have your headphones. Many flights will have several channels of music and will not require a plug for using personal headphones.

Some airlines usually offer other services for keeping children busy. Etihad Airways, which also has a ban on electronics, will offer flying nanny, which is a service for caring children that will assist parents in entertaining children through crafts and arts, goody bags and face-painting activities. Other airlines such as Royal Air Maroc and Kuwait Airways will also provide toys and harmonizing items to children.

  1. Get Flights That Coordinate with Sleeping Schedules

McDermott advises passengers to choose flights that favour bedtime routines of children. Night flights are perfect as they will not stimulate children alertness and interest in surroundings. She continues to say that you should follow your routine by brushing teeth and changing pyjamas then read a bedtime story. Ensure that you minimize distraction and cut out light. This measure will make your kid sleep for most of the journey.

  1. Use of Food Distraction

Ensure that you have some snacks for kids. Children love seeing cookies and chips when offered as treats. Always remember to minimize sugary foods. Parents should provide food that their children like. Several airlines provide meals and snacks for children.

  1. Pre-Load Your Smartphone

Since you can still carry your smartphone to the plane, carry an extra one loaded with movies or games. You should think of upgrading your smartphone for playing music, using apps, and downloading shows and movies.