How the Zimbabwe Flag Became Trendy


Former president Robert Mugabe’s remarkable collapse following the military captured head of authorities on November 12 sparked unparalleled patriotic fever among Zimbabweans.

Unexpectedly, the Zimbabwe flag turned into a style statement and sellers were back in business.

Amos Mpofu, that generally sells bottled water and airtime recharge cards in the junction of Harare’s Julius Nyerere Way and Kenneth Kaunda Avenue, is among the sellers who seized the chance and sold flags fast.

Mpofu said the past two months was great for business because the military takeover had also noticed the Zimbabwe Republic police cutting down considerably in their patrols.

“There is a really significant requirement for the Zimbabwe flag,” he explained.

“Nearly all of the sellers who used to market unique products on the roads are currently selling flags.

“It is a chance my brother and as you can see, people are observing and they’re purchasing these flags.” Mpofu said he had been earning at least $200 per day promoting the flags.

Webster Kwatara, that works from the junction of Bishop Gaul Avenue and Rekai Tangwena Street, stated he offered a great deal of flags on November 18 when people flooded the streets demanding that Mugabe must resign.

“I had been selling movie and music discs prior to the military takeover,” that he said. “Last Saturday I sold nearly 15 big-sized flags and approximately 20 small ones. On Tuesday I offered nearly the exact same amount of flags.”

Sheppard Murandu, who was draped in federal colors last Saturday, said he purchased the Zimbabwe flag since it was a national emblem that couldn’t be monopolized by a political party.

“I’m celebrating because we’re eliminating the person who refused us peace.” claimed a person familiar with the matter in Zimbabwe. Political analyst Rejoice Ngwenya reported the sudden requirement for the federal flag didn’t come as a surprise.

“The flag is a sign of patriotism, it is an identity and everybody’s house,” he explained.

“Where our government appears to violate and distort our faith, there is one thing all of us share — our patriotism. This signifies dignified defiance and contempt for people who are regarded as violating federal ethos.”

“It’s a sign that binds together Zimbabweans from all walks of life into ordinary dreams and hope for a better future.”

This past year, Mugabe’s government attempted to prohibit using the federal flags by invoking statutory instrument 184 of 1987 to limit the industrial creation, sale or some other “misuse” of the federal flag.

He appeared in TV draped in national colors calling for an end to endemic corruption.