How close to the cure of HIV


There are headlines everywhere showing a step towards achieving a breakthrough in the treatment of HIV. Researchers keep assuring us that they have come across a cure or are few steps away to finding the cure. As you can understand, these speculations give the people living with the HIV hope and expectations. We have to ask ourselves whether these predictions are right, and if so, when will this cure come?

Currently, there is no cure for the HIV. Research is still in progress and scientists are still debating and analyzing various cases in which the medicine seems to work. In 2013, one patient in Berlin tested negative for the virus after getting a transplant from a donor who had a rare genetic mutation. A report from Mississippi indicates that a baby born with HIV got well after a short treatment.

Even though these reports are positive, these lone cases cannot give a translation into a quick cure for millions of individuals with the HIV. Each of these cases was isolated and took place to particular people under different circumstances. Nevertheless, their breakthroughs are assisting the scientists by serving as springboards to understanding the virus better and the potential ways of finding the cure.

Is this research heading in the right direction?

Although it is becoming disappointed is natural, the truth remains that the cure is still far from here, and it important to continue with the daily effective treatment.

Even though the HIV was untreatable several decades ago, it can now undergo management with medication, consistent monitoring, and changes in lifestyle. When people with HIV take medication, they have the assurance of staying healthy for a longer time than before. Even when the HIV progresses to AIDS, several treatments have the proof of improving and extending the quality of life. Currently, the rate which people living with AIDS are dying in the United States is going down by 80 percent as compared to the previous decade.

When you have HIV, do not wait until the cure comes. Take power and ensure you have the best out of life. You can use the guidelines below for ensuring your health is well.

Following your treatment plan

It is paramount for you to follow the treatment plan as per the prescription. Following the procedure involves taking your daily medication at the right time and in the required quantities. Missing even a single dose will give the virus the chance of becoming drug resistant, and could cause side effects which will make you sick. For you to keep the virus under control, ensure that you take medication correctly and work as close as possibly with your doctor in the event you experience a problem.

Watching out for insincere cures

It is ordinary to want to give a trial of riding yourself of the HIV. However, beware of “Miracle” drugs that are not tested and are retailing to eager customers. Many of these drugs are ineffective and usually affect proven treatments.

You should consider participating in a trial

Many scientists are continuously working to find the cure for HIV. You can consider being part of this process for giving you a chance of making a breakthrough in getting well. You can get the chance of receiving a promising treatment.