Health Department Urges People to Distance Their Smartphone


The California Department of Public Health is urging you to maintain your smartphone away from the body and from your pocket as far as you can.

Smartphones emit radiation when they send and receive signals to and from mobile towers. Moreover, according to some scientists and health officials, study indicates long-term, heavy usage may affect your wellbeing.

“Though the science is still evolving, there are worries among several public health professionals and members of the public seeing longterm, higher usage exposure to the power generated by mobile phones,” stated CDPH Director and State Public Health Officer Dr. Karen Smith.

“We all know that easy measures, like not keeping your mobile phone in your pocket and moving it away out of the bed during the night, can help lessen vulnerability for both kids and adults.”

Approximately 95% of Americans have a mobile phone, based on CDPH, and 12% use their mobiles for regular online access. Children are also receiving their very first smartphones around age 10, frequently keeping them by their beds during the night and nearby the majority of the day.

“Children’s brains grow through the adolescent years and might be more influenced by mobile phone usage,” explained Smith. “Parents should think about reducing the time their kids use mobile phones and invite them to turn off the devices at night.”

The scientific community hasn’t yet reached a consensus about the threat, but the health department has issued guidelines to decrease risk of radiation exposure.