Hard-Boiled Egg: The New Way of Blending Make Up


There is a new yet unconventional way that people are using to blend makeup. In fact, using a hard-boiled egg to blend makeup is already in the market. The method was first discovered by the fashion and beauty blogger Nadi (a.k.a PopLuxe).

Most people are wondering how a hardboiled egg can do such a job with a lot of precision. Those who have been using it confirmed that hard boiled eggs make surprisingly good sponges for makeup. This may sound funny but you can try it next time you are applying your makeup. No more hard costs of buying expensive sponges to blend your makeup.

Nadi posted an incredible YouTube tutorial that went viral at the beginning of this month. In her presentation, he made use of an egg whose shell had been peeled off to blend his fountain, contour his face, and apply eyebrows. You would wonder why people have never discovered this technique all along.

We always know of a hardboiled egg as a delicacy for breakfast or dinner. However, this delicious hack worked with a lot of precision. The egg started to crumble when he was halfway the tutorial and this provided him with a well-deserved snack.

“Oh, my God, this thing is working really so well?” he said during the presentation. In his opinion, he said that the boiled egg feels like a cold silly sponge but has the smell of a sewage. However, he said that it is doing a pretty job when it comes to blending the makeup.

He said that the coldness that comes with it is quite refreshing. This effort has inspired so many people including his fellow bloggers. For example, Esther Gbudge (famously known as houseofsienna) decided to give hack’s invention a try this week. The results were as equally amazing as the previous ones. What we are not sure of is who else has given it a try at home.

There could be several individuals who are giving it a try out there but lack the platform of sharing their experience. You may like it because it is 100 percent natural especially in this era where everybody is concerned about their health. A skin therapist may tell you that it is the best choice because it has no chemical ingredients.

Gbudge said that the egg does not absorb any product and it delivered the flowless look he was in search of. He continues to say that he cleaned the egg using wipes after each application and before applying a different product on his face. In his opinion, the egg works really well for anyone who wants to blend his or her makeup.

What these bloggers were doing is taking the egg blending sponge to the next level. Most people use different things to do beauty hacks and the boiled egg just joins the growing list of makeup sponges. Most people have shared their opinion on social media and say that in deed it works.