Google Maps gets a Makeover


You might not have believed Google maps was searching was outdated, but the developers at the firm’s Mountain View campus in Silicon Valley clearly believed it was time re-haul the mapping design and to get a makeover.

It currently highlights specific information that is relevant to what you are doing with maps at any certain time.

An easy-on-the-eye color scheme has also been released, and you will notice a lot of new icons so that you can quickly make sense of distinct areas in the area. You are going to need to get acquainted with them first, however, so have a look at the slideshow below to find out what to expect.

“Places such as a cafe, church, church or bicycle will be indicated “for instance, if you are in a new area and looking for a coffee store, you can start the map to locate the closest establishment (which can be the color for food/drink stains).”

The changes are being rolled out to each of the relevant Google products over the forthcoming weeks,  not just maps but Google Assistant, Lookup, Earth, and Android.

“Through the years, the new design will even look in the programs, sites and experiences provided by businesses which use Google Maps APIs too,” Hunt explained.

Most recently, it declared “wait times” for Maps (and Hunt) that will reveal to you the estimated wait time in your favorite restaurant so that you can determine if it is worth lining up, or if you should choose someplace else for supper.

However, the tool has not always had an easy ride, or even to place it more correctly, has not consistently given users a simple ride. Its navigation attribute has always been proven to provide incorrect instructions, sometimes sending drivers miles off track, though  these occurrences are infrequent.