Google launched “Backup and Sync from Google” tool


“Backup and Sync from Google” was launched today by Google, as they have told last month. This tool will help users by easing them to back up the files and photos on their computer. By launching this app, Google intended to replace the Google Photos desktop app and the Google Drive client apps for PC and Mac.

Basically, this software will join older apps’ useful features into one experience. This will allow you to use one program instead of two for fundamentally the same tasks of getting your files from your computer into Google’s cloud.

This new program offers a simple user interface. You will first have to log in to your Google account and then choose the folders you want Google to constantly back up to Google Drive. Google also said last month that this tool will follow the chosen settings already specified on PC and Mac, as it is replacing users’ current Google Drive installations.

Beside backing up files and photos on your desktop computer, the new tool will also be able to back up files from cameras, SD cards or other USB-connected devices. When the back up is finished, all those files can be accessed in Google Drive from any device, which means your computer, tablet or phone. All your material, including photos and videos will in the same time be available in Google Photos

Websites of both Google Photos and Google Drive are hosting the updated software in the moment, which is a free download for users.

Google referred to G Suite users, or rather business users when said they should not download this application yet.

New enterprise-focused solution, and app that could be used also by the G suite users, Drive File Stream , is planned to be released. It would roll out to G Suite Basic, Business, Enterprise, Education and Nonprofit domains later this year. G Suite users should have in mind that they can subscribe to the Early Adopter Program if they are willing to try Drive File Stream prior to its public launch.

With the use of the Backup and Sync Software, users will be able to access and configure a huge number of settings and preferences like do you want photos and videos uploaded to cloud in their primary quality , or just HQ. Some of more-skilled users may want some in depth changes like selecting how will Drive File Stream take care of file deletions or adjust the download/upload speed.

If you are using this opportunity to clean your desktop mess into the cloud, you might want to upgrade Google Drive storage subscription from the app.