Google is slowly becoming personalized news feed


Google is again taking shot at making a kind of social network, it will be a search engine that looks like social network news feed.

The Alphabet Inc. is introducing a feed made of entertainment, news, and ton of web content, and all will be based on users’ searches, video views and the rest of personal information. Essentially it is expanded version of mobile service Google made, named Google Now.

New ability to follow public figures and get insight in local trends is what gives this new feed a feel of Facebook Inc.’s News Feed. And that is what helped Facebook obtain so many users and keep them interested.

Google engineering vice-president Sashi Thakur said, “We want people to understand they’re consuming information from Google,” added, “It will just be without a query.”

Google always worked on making more proactive and personal searches. Even now, when you log in into your account on Google, search results are very personalized. With Google Now they tried providing similar relevant informations such as driving directions and sports results before people typed queries, but it was never that popular like their other services like Maps, Chrome and even regular search.,

This new predictive search will definitely be more exposed and reach out to large number of people as it will stream on the home page of Google’s Android and Apple app for mobile. Although the date is not specified, company plans on bringing it even to mobile browsers. All this means that will one day Be a personalized news feed instead of empty white background with few letters waiting for you to type something. Thakur said that “it should have roughly the same behavior” as a news feed.

This is a major step for Google as it almost never changes it’s landing page. Researches showed that News Feed on Facebook most addictive way to consume informations on smartphones. After that proven, many companies tried to apply that or do something similar; LinkedIn made its home page look more like feed when scrolling, and this weak when presented its Spark, it was clear that it is a feed of shoppable product stories.

According to the company executives, this new search feed won’t exactly behave like social networks. Google Plus is made for that. “This feed is really about your interests and what you are doing,” said Ben Gomes, a Google search executive. “It’s not really about what your friends are interested in.”

Data which will be used is going to be pulled from users’ search history, location, digital calendars, email and Youtube views.

Gomes also said that new won’t include paid content at the beginning, but that idea won’t be rejected right away. With this new feed Google could increase time that users spend in search. Lately that is concerning Facebook as some other mobile apps are grabbing more if the people’s “online time”

Having this feed, Google will surely be a target of the same critiques that are addressed to Facebook, such as providing people with fake news or reinforcing their political positions by showing only with biased articles. THe compani said that this will be solved by de-prioritizing intentionally misleading content. “We’ve been thoughtful about designing a user experience that highlights a variety of perspectives,” a company spokesperson said. They of course did not want to reveal how will they do this.