Google Found Data Snooping in UK – Faces Mass Legal Action


Google is being taken to court – claimed to have collected the personal data of millions of consumers, in the first mass legal action of its kind in the UK. The allegation focuses on claims that Google unlawfully harvested information by bypassing iPhone settings.

It is estimated the users could get as much as “several hundred pounds each”.

The case focuses on how Google used cookies – small pieces of video text that are used to collect information from devices so as to deliver targeted advertisements.

The complaint is that for several weeks in 2011 and 2012 Google placed ad-tracking cookies on the iPhones of Safari users that is set by default to block such cookies.


‘Abuse of trust’

The Safari workaround, as it had been known, affected many different phones however, the UK case will focus on iPhone users.

Mr Lloyd said: “In all my years talking up for consumers, I’ve rarely seen such a massive misuse of trust where so many people don’t have any way to seek treatment on their own.”

He continued: “During this case, we will send a powerful message to Google and other technology giants in Silicon Valley that we’re not scared to fight back.”

Mr Lloyd said Google had advised him that he should “come to California” when he wanted to pursue legal action against the firm.

“It defended similar cases before. We don’t think it has any merit and we will contest it.” claimed a Google spokesperson.

Those affected do not need to pay any legal fees or contact some attorneys as they’ll automatically be a part of their claim, unless they wish to determine.

The case has been encouraged by law firm Mishcon de Reya, which excels in large-scale litigation. Although there isn’t any precedent for such a mass legal activity in the united kingdom, there is in the united states.

Google also settled out of court with a few British consumers. The case will probably be heard at the High Court, probably in spring 2018.