Google to Focus on Eliminating Apps Used for “Snooping”


Google has warned Android programmers to provide users better warnings about their programs’ data collection behaviors, or it’ll flag their accounts.

Last Friday, the business declared Safe Browsing principles and “enlarged enforcement of Google’s Unwanted Software Policy”.

If programmers do not comply within 60 days, Google daid, it is going to warn users through Google Play “or on pages that lead to those programs”.

“Google Safe Browsing will show warnings on both programs and on sites contributing to programs which accumulate a user’s personal data without their permission”, the statement said.

When an app manages either private data (telephone number, email) or smartphone data (for example, IMEI number), programmers will need to both prompt the consumer, and also include a privacy policy from the program.

“Also, if a program collects and transmits private data regarding the performance of this program then, before transmission and collection, the program must carefully emphasize the way the user information is used and have the user supply positive approval for this use,” the statement said.

Google also warned programmers against underhanded behavior in collision reports: “the list of installed bundles unrelated to the program might not be transmitted in the smartphone¬† without notable disclosure and positive consent.”