Game of Thrones Theory Predicts Three Impactful Uncovers in Season 7 Finale


Another Game of Thrones theory doing the rounds foreseeing that three of the most-expected minutes to come will all occur in what is certain to be a packed season seven finale.

With only eight episodes left to go before the whole series wraps, fans have been managed a season of quick paced episodes moving characters around Westeros speedier in a matter of minutes than they have crosswise over whole seasons (a valid example: Tyrion and Davos from Dragonstone to King’s Landing and back again in the space of a couple of episodes).

Indeed, pause since Esquire reports how one Reddit client is anticipating a climactic confrontation like no other – trusting Jon Snow is effective in his undertaking to get a White Walker front of Cersei in an offer to demonstrate there’s as of now more to stress over than who sits on the Iron Throne.

Cersei appeared to be interested in meeting with Daenerys, Jon and organization in the wake of finding she was pregnant with Jaime’s child. While the Queen is no uncertainty thrilled to have apparently demonstrated the prescience wrong – that she will have three youngsters and they will all kick the bucket – this still appears like an immense turnaround for her character. Without a doubt she has something up her sleeve? Over to the Redditor.

“So Cersei doesn’t strike me as the sort to enter a truce for the security and good of the realm. She would see that experience as a chance to advantageously take out her residual rivals. As a ladies who doesn’t put stock in legends (I.e. Dany being the “unburnt”) and as graceful equity for the plunder prepare fight and burning the Tarly’s, she sentences them both to death by rapidly spreading fire. Likewise a decent parallel to when Dany’s dad executed Ned Stark’s sibling and dad. The sentence is served however BOTH Dany and Jon remain unburnt after the out of control fire dies down.”

Disclosure number one – Jon Snow is a Targaryen affirming the long-standing R+L=J theory that was prodded by Gilly in last week’s episode.

“The room is quiet. Cersei begins requesting that her gatekeepers murder them, however everybody – dazed and in wonder of what they just observed – begin to gradually tumble to their knees. Cersei goes batshit insane, shouting “I AM THE QUEEN!” And requesting that somebody slaughters them. Jaime, with a terrified look all over, is talking in her ear, endeavouring to talk detect into her. In the meantime, the Mountain ventures forward and the room holds their breath, however the Hound (with the watchmen holding him now on their knees) jumps forward to guard Dany and Jon. CLEGANEBOWL affirmed!! The Hound strikes down the mountain.”

Disclosure number two – the since a long time ago foreseen duel between the two Clegane siblings.

“The Mountain’s demise is a snapping point for Cersei, and she begins shouting at Qyburn to “Consume THEM ALL!” Qyburn begins to make a move however the Hound follows him with Jon’s stripped body close behind. Jaime, with a tormented/shattered articulation takes a gander at Cersei as she’s shouting “Consume THEM ALL.” He gets her by the shoulders, shaking her to stop, yet she continues shouting. At that point his hands move to her neck to quiet her shouting. He satisfies Maggy the Frog’s prescience as Cersei inhales her last.”

Obviously, this minute has been prodded some time recently, most quite in the season seven debut.

This may read more as fan fiction to a few yet considering the stops that have been hauled out as of late (also in the activity stuffed scene six which was spilled by HBO not long ago), these turns are not outside the domains of probability. Snow performer Kit Harington himself has been building up the finale significantly, all things considered.

With Cersei off the beaten path, it would mean the endgame of the whole series will be focused around the fight with the White Walkers, the pioneer of which another theory recommends could be Bran Stark.

Another theory doing the rounds encompasses the legacy of Tyrion Lannister with many fans trusting last week’s episode to have inconspicuously affirmed a future uncover in regards to the character of his dad.

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