Five ways of being independent while in a relationship


Many women often complain having a full life before becoming part of a couple. Men do not complain about it. Why do they complain? Women usually find it challenging to maintain personal autonomy once they are in a pair. It is challenging because the grooming the society has given them is that they should think of others needs first. This fact can be true when you focus on love matters.

However, a relationship prospers when all partners value me-time and together-time. Think about having enough time to do personal things and having quality time with your spouse. Time will help both partners to stop feeling stifled and eliminate chances of splitting. Solo time will enrich life and make moments you spend together meaningful. Therefore, if you let your world merge with his world, be wise to create room for the rules below.

  1. Planning solo activities

When your relationship is still new, you will have less time for personal hobbies. Spending a good time with your boyfriend and makes both of you happy. Putting yourself second is unhealthy as a precedent for your relationship. It sends a note that your life bases solely on his wants and timelines. Honoring personal desires is essential. Honoring your needs means going for manicure and pedicure, paddling off your butt, bike hopping, and doing what you miss most.

  1. Seeing your friends often

There are those ladies that go silent on friends once they start dating a new guy. This behavior is disrespectful for a long-standing bond with friends. It will deprive you of friends love and attention in life, no matter how amazing your guy looks. To avoid this route, make a monthly or a weekly mandate to have an unmovable schedule for friends. Do not ask for permission to see friends but partner inform him that you are going for a friend’s visit. Having independence is not asking for it, it involves checking in and taking it.

  1. Always take a personal action

When you want a weekend escape and guy is not for the idea, do not wait, just go by yourself. Do not view time apart as a reason to get worried about your relationship. Frame it in mind as an opportunity for individual growth. Use this trip for acquainting with who you are when you are away from him. Try assessing your likes and dislikes. You will come home happy and with stories of food, experiences and new places. These stories will excite your conversations.

  1. Visiting your family alone

It is sensible to bring you guy home for holidays. However, it is unnecessary to take him over every holiday. It will be very nice to have time with your family without him. Additionally, your guy will not understand deep jokes and stories. He may not get enough fun from your family. Home is always a place where you need to keep onto the memory lane with your family.

  1. Tell him to give you space

When you take these steps, you man might get some distress as a result of your freedom. You may start worrying if you are pushing him away. Telling him that you are taking personal time will protect both of you from these feelings. Make an assurance that what you are doing is good for both of you.