Facts about eating disorders in men


Men rarely talk about their personal issues concerning food. Zayn Malik, a singer, and songwriter is breaking this taboo by opening up about his struggle with deterring eating. This confession came in his autobiography that came out recently. Malik wrote that it was not as though he had weight concerns but he would go for three days without eating any food.

The Sunday times interview says that he did explain that he did not have a disorder, but he had tied his behavior to an emotional requirement during stressful moments. He states that all areas in his life are controlled and regimented and there exists an area which says that he is not eating that food. Achieving control will reinstate natural eating routine.

A study shows that over 10 million men from America suffer from conditions diagnosable like bulimia, anorexia and binge eating. The National Eating Disorder Association states that more people are suffering from more eating disorders.

Disordered eating includes uncharacteristic behavior such as not eating for several days or skipping meals. The causes of these disorders come from ignoring health and focusing on others or work.

There are eating disorders that affect males faster than females. The number of women with disordered eating is twice as much as men. This research implies that several eating problems are becoming more common in males. The finding says that extreme dieting and purging is increasing faster in men than women

Eating disorders accompanies other conditions

NEDA says that men who have eating disorders have additional conditions. They include depression, substance abuse, anxiety, and compulsive exercise.

Men are at a higher risk when in their twenties

Research following over 13,000 teenagers shows that eating disorders prevalence in the males rose from 1.2% to 2.9% of teens from 14 years to 20 years.

Eating patterns in men and women are similar

Apart from losing weight, there exist other symptoms that come about when the body looks malnourished. It gets less coordinated and easily fatigued, resulting in increased potential for accidents or falls. The immune system becomes compromised, which makes the body vulnerable to sicknesses and becomes unable to fight germs and infections. Eating disorders can also take a toll emotional and mental health. One can have trouble when learning or concentrating and starts feeling stressed and irritable.

Some signs are common in men

The males who struggle with food problems are usually preoccupied with looking ripped. This is according to Stephanie Zerwas, a clinical director at the UNC Center for Eating Disorders. These men might get into serious shredding and bulking cycles that usually resembles a purge cycle in women. The gyms and trainers are the ones who encourage this behavior. These traits can be dangerous for males to hear the way they look from their loved ones and friends. Zerwas continues to say that many men admire having a six-pack. However, it is essential to bear in mind that an eating disorder is not about vanity. It is often a way with which people choose for handling anxiety. This disorder can get out of hand, and it is right to look for help. Asking for help is not a weakness but an incredible show of strength and courage.