Ethical fashion tips


Currently, the second worst polluter on the planet is the fashion industry. Combined with the sudden rise in the fast throw away ideologies something quickly has to change.

For producing just one pair of jeans it takes around 1800 gallons of water. I think that many people would really be shocked with the impact this has on the environment just if we physically saw that waste. To explain how ridiculous this is, one bath is around 36 gallons, so think about it.

This would sound somewhat reasonable if the people were not aware of this. But they are. There are so many organizations talking about this. So we should really ask where is this going wrong?

To get to the point where fashion is sustainable as standard it is very much important that ethical fashion brands reach out and appeal to the everyday consumers. In reality, a bunch of people don’t really care if something is or isn’t sustainable, what matters to them is the design, price and overall feeling, they like it or they don’t. This means that the industry should design with this in mind.

Currently, very large amount of ethical fashion brands makes clothes that are monochrome and plain. The truth is that sustainable designers do not make clothes with a punch. It’s really not much of a risk to design plain clothes, and with growing number of ethical fashion shoppers, you don’t need much else. But these designers overlook a crucial purpose of fashion, and that is expressing yourself

If we want a large number of people to engage with ethical fashion, we really need to connect with a different kind of audience. At this moment ethical fashion brands need to take risks, they have to push boundaries, and as a result be ethically viable and at the same time exciting just as other brands. That’s when we are going to see the shift towards sustainability as standard.

Brands that get this are mostly run by small businesses and people that want to make a difference. By supporting them you are making the change that is much needed. Seek out for local ethical brands, donate some money to charities, it will all matter. Give a bit of extra money for pieces that you like and know to be good quality. It’s also the feeling you get when something that special. It’s giving up on buying cheerful and cheap and saving to get something beautiful and more refined clothes. It will make you, the small business and our planer very happy. You get something special and intimate and they get to contribute changing the industry that is really stuck. Great, isn’t it?