Elon Musk Working to Bring Hyperloop to Chicago


Elon Musk would like to take his hyperloop into Chicago. Boring Company would vie to design, finance, build and run a high-speed loop linking O’Hare Airport with downtown Chicago.

Musk’s statement came after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Asked for suggestions to construct and operate a high-speed railroad that can whisk passengers from the airport into downtown in 20 minutes or fewer, cutting travel times in half. Contractors will also need to determine how to finance it with no taxpayer dollars, Emanuel said.

Musk, the brains behind SpaceX and Tesla, created Boring Company to construct transport tunnels which provide an alternate means of transportation and relieve traffic congestion.

Musk’s plan for Chicago is somewhat different than his Hyperloop, which intends to create a futuristic type of transportation that uses electromagnetic pulses to shotgun passengers via low-pressure tubes in near-supersonic speeds.

“A Loop is like a Hyperloop, only without drawing a vacuum within the tube,” Musk tweeted.

“Don’t need to eliminate air friction for small courses,” Musk added.

Just how will passengers travel, you may ask?

“Electric pods for sure. Rails possibly, perhaps not,” Musk said in another reply in the thread.