Doppler Labs Working with Senator Elizabeth Warren and Team to Liberalize the Hearing Industry.


Hearing is everybody’s right. Since everybody deserves to hear, chief officer Jim Pitkow is collaborating with the US team of members of Congress and senators in making specific types of aids of hearing available on the counters.

Hearing aids which have medical approvals cost thousands of USD even for the individuals with minimal loss of hearing. However, devices which improve hearing such as Doppler Labs Here One cost several hundreds of dollars. Doppler Labs is not only distancing this device from the counter but also keen to assist in breaking up the old industry as seen by Pitkow and Kraft.

Kraft says that the hearing industry is under the control of few companies that are over one hundred years old and are doing everything possible to ensure that they possess the market.

In spite of prices dropping as years move, just like with other consumer electronics, the products of these companies continue getting more expensive. Medicare and many private companies do not have insurance plans for covering hearing aids. According to statistics, only fourteen percent of Americans have the ability to afford to pay for hearing devices.

Therefore, can’t people buy these hearing devices for twenty bucks? There are devices with the capacity to do this trick, but they have not yet received approval as medical devices. In its place, those individuals with hearing problems have to get a waiver or prescription for any of the FDA approved costly hearing aids.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and her friends have come up with a bipartisan bill for the Over-the-counter hearing aids to the FDA for creating standards for such OTC aids of hearing for individuals with mild and moderate hearing loss.

It would be bad if you are unable to participate in a meaningful conversation or talking on the phone. It is devastating and relates to depression, social isolation, and dementia. Senator Warren wrote these words on Facebook and added a video clip which she used to introduce this measure.

So far, this bill possesses a lot of support from all groups and both sides of the aisle with weight in Washington such as the President’s council of advisors in Science and Technology and the AARP. Those we have asked who have knowledge about hearing devices say that this legislation will likely pass.

Therefore, what could this mean for Doppler labs Here One? It will help this company by opening up a new market for this product, and Pitkow reiterates that he will continuously advocate for the health of hearing for as long as he is with this company.

The product Here One will just be the beginning. Additional to the OTC hearing bill passage soon, Pitkow is confident that all the stakeholders are on the brink of a significant change for consumers and technology. These changes will be possible because of the efforts all parties are implementing and the community who require more help in accessing better hearing services, particularly in the line of helping people get back into full control of what the environment is communicating.