Chairman of House Intel at white house before releasing surveillance bombshell


The chairman of House Intelligence Committee Rep. Devine Nunes was on the grounds of white house a day before briefing President Trump on the intelligence that Trump and his advisors might have had their discussion collected ‘incidentally’ by intelligence community during the dates of transition.

Nunes told CNN that a member of the transition team said that he was on the grounds of the white house, which is inclusive of the Eisenhower executive office building and not the white house itself. The administration of Trump was not aware of his presence.

The purpose of the trip of Nunes to the grounds of White House was viewing information from a secure setting.

He told the Insider that he could not see the capitol documents and the information comprised of administrative documents that the Congress could not get. The white house grounds were the safest ground for safeguarding and classifying the documents.

Since there exist rules of classification, you cannot put these papers in a bag and take them to the space of the House Intelligence Committee. Jack Langer, Nunes spokesman, said that classifying and safeguarding these documents from the white house grounds will assist the chairman when viewing them legally.

Nunes, in a Bloomberg interview, reiterated that there is no networked access to these reports in the Congress. His office earlier stated that a California congressman was carrying out an investigation on a possible inappropriate unmasking of the citizens of United States. This information before Trump started claiming on Twitter that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. Nunes confirms that there exists no evidence to support the president’s claim.

No whistleblower can set up a meeting on the grounds of White House with the chair of House Intelligence Committee. A correspondent from the Buzzfeed news said that whistleblowers do not leak classified information to intelligence committees using White House SCIF. He was referring to the Secured Compartment Information Facility.

A stir came up last week after Nunes had said the Trump saw reports that the Intelligence Community accidentally collected trumps information during the period of transition. He continued to say that the collection took place on several occasions and did not relate to FBI investigations on Russia’s involvement in the presidential elections.

Nunes could not confirm if the information he was sharing came from the white house directly. He neither denied nor confirmed insisting that the methods and sources of this information were to remain quiet. He continued to say that deciding to brief the president was a call for judgment.

The House Intelligence Committee members were stunned by this episode because they did not have a briefing about this information before Nunes going to Trump and the press. Rep. Adam Schiff from California, a ranking Democrat on the committee, blasted Nunes saying the move compromised the investigation of the committee.

Schiff told NPR that it is only the president and the chairman that know the details about the inquiry. He says that the associates of the president are subject to investigation and Nunes going to them is inappropriate as it impugns the chairman’s credibility of handling an independent inquiry. Schiff continues to say that Nunes canceled the hearing James Clapper, the former National Intelligence director.