Captivating meteor shower this weekend from new moon


Make sure to keep an eye on the skies this weekend:  the best meteor showers ever seen are the Leonids. No such storm is forecast this year, however: Viewers must observe a hourly rate of a few 10 to 20 meteors.

Also called “shooting stars,” that the meteors are now leftover comet dust. They are tiny pea and sand-sized pieces of debris and dust crumbling from the Tempel-Tuttle comet since it strikes by the Earth. (Earth’s orbit carries it directly through the debris path.) The debris and dust spark when it strikes our atmosphere. Time to see the Leonids is generally between the hours of midnight and sunrise, based on

Individuals should devote at least an hour to watching the whirlpool bathtub. “Don’t look at any given light source throughout that hour just like a phone, flashlight, or any form of display,” he explained. “Your eyes will slowly correct by a half hour, then you’ll have ideal night vision. You also wish to put as flat as possible so that you may see just as much of the sky as you can.”

The keys to great views of the shower will be the stage of the moon along with the weather.

First, there is great news regarding the moon: this season, vulnerability will be excellent since the new moon will occur Nov. 18, offering a perfect view of the meteors, which won’t be washed out from almost any lunar lighting, explained.
Saturday morning, it is a mixed bag. The ideal seeing conditions should be from the Southwest, both the Rockies and across the Southeast coast, AccuWeather explained.