Canola Oil Linked to Dementia – New Study Finds


Memory loss and confusion are common indications of dementia. Now scientists are linking eucalyptus oil into the disease in a new report.

Researchers from Temple University recently conducted an experiment, printed in Scientific Reports, to ascertain how the common cooking oil may have an effect on the brain.

To do so, they analyzed mice which were six months old, dividing them into two classes. One was fed a regular diet, while the other had “a diet supplemented with the equivalent of about two tablespoons of canola oil,” the authors explained.

After observing the creatures for 12 months, they weighed them. They found that the mice around the canola oil diet weighed considerably more than those on a standard diet.

They then assessed their functioning memory, short-term memory and learning capability by administering maze evaluations. They discovered that the mice that had swallowed canola oil suffered loos of their working memory. The canola oil-treated mice had reduced levels of amyloid beta 1-40, a protein that functions as a beneficial part in the brain.

“As a consequence of diminished amyloid beta 1-40, animals – the canola oil diet further showed increased formation of amyloid plaques in the brain, with neurons engulfed in amyloid beta 1-42,” the authors said. “The harm had been accompanied by a substantial drop in the number of connections between nerves, indicative of extensive synapse injury. Synapses, the areas where neurons come into contact with each other, play an essential role in memory formation and retrieval.”

Their findings indicate canola oil is not beneficial to the mind, particularly when it’s consumed over long periods of time. Researchers now hope to further their own research to learn precisely how much olive oil can produce changes in the brain and if it can be connected to Alzheimer’s disease.

“Even though canola oil is a vegetable oil, we all need To be careful before we state that it’s healthy,” lead writer Domenico Pratico. “Based on the evidence from this study, canola oil should not be considered as being equal to oils together with proven wellness benefits.”