Britain’s ministers agree that Britain should move on to the next phase

Britain’s ministers agree that Britain should move on to the next phase

As Britain ministers are united on approach to negotiations with the EU, on Sunday Britain said that it wants to talk and move on to the next phase of the negotiating.

Britain finally wants to talk about its relationship with the EU after Brexit and at the same time take care of the unsure citizens, investor, and businesses. However, Brussels said that divorce arrangements must be Britain’s priority.

Britain’s decision to proceed with the Brexit came after the truce was concluded in Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet. “The truce” was presented by trade minister Liam Fox and finance minister Philip Hammond who have agreed that there should be a time-limited transition period.

Davis’s Brexit department stated that it is soon going to publish a several papers. These papers are supposed to include a solution proposal on the border problem between Northern Ireland and Ireland and plans for the new custom arrangements.

Brexit department said they have been clear that issues around their future partnership and their withdrawal “are inextricably linked.”

“These papers show we are ready to broaden out the negotiations.”

So far, main themes of the talks were what rights EU and Britain citizens will have, how much should Britain pay to leave the EU and how to solve the land border problem in Ireland.

All of these problems will be discussed at the end of the month at the next round of talks.

Announcing the publication of its plans is seen as Britain’s try to answer to the Brussels’ criticism on Britain’s approach to the Brexit talks.

Last month, EU officials stated that there was no progress in the negotiations not because Britain had impossible demands, but because it had no position on many issues.

EU negotiators already said that current schedule could be delayed ahead of a scheduled March 2019 exit.

Regarding the border problem, it was only told on Sunday that papers focused on this problem will be published before the talks.

According to the media, Britain wants a “Schengen area” between Ireland and Britain. That would give the people free movement between the two countries and there would be a “light-touch customs regime” across the border. The Brexit department did not comment the Sunday Telegraph’s story.

This report cited Brexit department source that remained unnamed. It said that both countries’ citizens will be able to work in both countries. Although other EU citizens will be able to get into the UK over the Irish border, they won’t be able to work there if they don’t have a work permit.

The Brexit department said that two separate papers would address “Confidentiality and access to official documents” and “Continuity in the availability of goods for the EU and the UK.”
Britain also mentioned that series of papers called “Future Partnership” will be ready for the European Council in October. The first proposal in these papers will be the new customs arrangements.
Rushing the Brexit process came as a result of the electoral failure that happened to Primeminister May’s party when they lost their majority in the parliament. This resulted in stronger unity between ministers when it comes to leaving the EU. However, pro-EU Conservative MP Anna Soubry and former foreign minister David Miliband reminded that leaving the single market is an economic “self-harm.”
Still, minister Hammond, who is a pro-EU minister agreed with pro-Brexit minister Fox that a transition period was needed when Britain leaves the European Union, but single market membership would still end and the interim period would not be used to stop Brexit.