Beta version of Destiny 2 already has some known issues


Next Tuesday the Destiny 2 beta is going to be launched, and bunch of gamers are anticipating that event. Everything that we now so far about this beta version is from Bungie blog post. In that post it is revealed that Destiny 2 already has the record of known problems.

In the post, a introduction is compiled about what to expect from this version on the Xbox One and PS 4. There is a part where known issues, founded in the building of beta, are outlined after you go through instructions on how to sign in and send feedback to the developer team.

For example, they mentioned possibility of coming across different networking error codes while playing this version.It is also said that Bungie will constantly keep an eye for all the issues and occasionally be fixing the server throughout the whole beta. All that in favor of getting the most out of the beta version and collecting as much as possible data about the network performance. This is same as in majority of beta testings where companies put emphasis on servers and try to make sure that everything works as it should on launch. While playing this version of Destiny 2, be assured that there will be server hiccups but remember that Bungie will be there taking notes so that would not happen later on at launch.

This is not everything, more problems are mentioned in the post, such as not appearing of the location names during the Crucible gameplay matches. It is also said that while match countdown is happening after witnessing a black screen, some players may be kicked in to the orbit. Also there is a risk of being placed at the beginning of the Inverted Spire Strike Activity when joining a Strike, when you should be placed where the others are during the Strike.

As expected, sandbox balancing problems will appear. That means that some weapons and abilities will have higher or lower damage then intended.

Also, this beta will not contain all of the other supported languages because of lack of localization for those languages. But that will surely not be case when the game is ready to launch.

It is also suggested that if you run into some major networking issue while playing the beta version, you should check for help at the help forums troubleshooting guides located on the site

The Destiny 2 beta will start on July 18th next week and end on July 20th for the PlayStation4. The beta for Xbox One users will be enabled between July 19th and July 20th. After the initial tests, an open-beta access last between July 21st and July 23rd. The beta testing will close for all platforms at the end of July 23rd.