Barcelona Terror Attack – Van Driver May Have Fled to France, Spain Police Say


The driver of the van that smashed into swarms on Barcelona’s La Rambla, killing 13 individuals including an American, may have crossed the outskirt into France, Spanish police said Sunday.

“We don’t have a particular data on this yet it can’t be precluded,” Catalan police boss Josep Lluis Trapero told a news gathering in Barcelona.

Trapero said the manhunt proceeded with over 48 hours after the driver was seen escaping the scene of the assault by walking.

Police said they thought there was just a single individual in the van at the season of the assault.

Trapero said police had distinguished 12 suspects in the current week’s twin vehicle assaults in Barcelona and the shoreline town of Cambrils which slaughtered a sum of 14 individuals and harming more than 120. Police said they were all the while hunting down three suspects, while five were dead and four had just been kept.

They trust the suspects were a piece of a gathering which had arranged at least one assaults on Barcelona utilizing explosives.

Hours after the downtown van smashing on Thursday, an Audi A3 furrowed into walkers in Cambrils, 60 miles south of Barcelona, killing one individual and harming six. Minutes after the fact, police shot dead the five aggressors who were wearing fake bomb belts.

Was four the number of the suspected persons which were arrested, three in Ripoll and one in southwest of Barcelona (Alcanar).

Two individuals are likewise accepted to have kicked the bucket in a house blast on Wednesday night in the town of Alcanar, around 100 miles toward the southwest. Police trust the property was utilized to design the assaults, and that the unintentional blast kept a far deadlier assault, as indicated by the Associated Press.

Police tweeted Sunday that they are as yet searching for three individuals since they had not affirmed the character of the human stays found in the house. No less than one of the three missing speculates stays on the loose.

Police named one missing presume Saturday as Moroccan-conceived Younes Abouyaaqoub, yet couldn’t affirm whether the 22-year-old was the driver of the vehicle, or on the off chance that he had assumed some other part.

The new subtle elements came as police said they couldn’t preclude whether a different occurrence on Thursday in the town of Sant Just, on the edges of Barcelona, was connected to the two vehicle assaults.

The subtle elements of the occurrence stay indistinct yet a police representative said one officer was harmed when an auto attempted to rupture a police checkpoint in the town on Thursday evening.

The auto was later discovered surrendered and a Spanish man was discovered dead inside, as per police. The man had been lethally wounded.

Of the 14 individuals killed in the current week’s assaults, nine have been formally distinguished and three are presently recognizable proof, police said Sunday. Officers are tending to the DNA comes about for two others. Five of the casualties are Spanish, two are Italians, two are Portuguese, one Belgian, one Canadian and one American, as indicated by Reuters.

Later on Sunday police affirmed that a missing 7-year-old kid, a double British-Australian national, was among the dead in the van-assault.