Baidu Growing AI Research


The new product, introduced at the Baidu World summit in Beijing, is powered by the organization’s DuerOS conversational artificial intelligence technologies.

The smart speaker is known as Raven H and also will be available for sale in December for approximately 1,699 yuan ($256). Design-wise, the speaker resembles a pile of thin, colored square cubes and it includes a touch-sensitive light-emitting diode (LED) display control.

The speaker has been made by Raven Tech, a startup that Baidu obtained in February, and Swedish consumer electronics maker Teenage Engineering. Additionally, it has elements from Danish high-end sound systems manufacturer Tymphany.

The DuerOS enables the device to execute other voice-based controls and tasks like looking up info, playing audio and hailing a cab, according to Baidu.

The theory behind the Raven H is to produce the interaction between man and machine as easy as possible, based on Jesse Lyu, the creator of Raven Tech, that combined Baidu’s smart hardware unit as overall supervisor.

“Its flexible layout lets its [users] proceed through their house or workspace, even while staying connected to the H program and their private planet,” Lyu said in a statement.

Baidu did not signify any availability or pricing details to its Raven R and Raven Q robots at the statement.

“Each item in our brand new superhero Series is incorporated with Baidu’s most up-to-date AI technology, such as facial recognition, computer vision as well as our Apollo autonomous driving technologies,” Lyu informed the conference crowd.

“These smart speakers and AI home robot might seem like a little step from the history of technologies — but they are going to help people’s daily lives and deliver them a good experience”