AWS launches Amazon Connect, an Amazon’s in-house contact centre


AWS is continuing to add more services and software for building out touchpoints and revenues with business entities that are using its cloud infrastructure for storage, hosting and administering apps and services. The Amazon Connect is the latest product to launch from a cloud-based center. AWS says that it based on a similar tech that Amazon uses internally for powering millions of conversations of customers.

For some individuals, this software is not a surprise as AWS had rumored to be working on this software in February. In introducing this software shows that Amazon is moving into a new area of business that is crowded with organizations offering diverse aspects of contact center solutions based on the cloud such as Zendesk, Zoho, and Freshdesk just to name a few. Additionally, several solutions are not based on the cloud but involve in-house teams. Amazon is partnering with Zoho, Freshdesk, and Zendesk for providing these services.

With this AWS solution, Amazon will find a marketplace that is cheap, without upfront costs and no infrastructure. The primary role of this service is the virtual contact center that comes into creation within minutes and does not require training for use. Charges will be per minute when under use plus telephony costs. Amazon will aim at improving this service by including own telephony services since it already has video conferencing.

This charging method Amazon is using here is essential for supporting temporary services, specific market campaigns, seasonal spikes, short-term promotions, and launches of new products.

Amazon will connect an integration with existing AWS services to root data including Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB or Amazon Aurora. Salesforce has already announced an integration with Amazon.

It will also incorporate the newest innovations of Amazon in the natural voice language and other services for building automated responses which will integrate with other Amazon services like Amazon Alexa for supporting users. Companies will have the ability to customize Amazon Connect by use of Amazon Lex, an artificial intelligence service which is supported by similar automated speech recognition technology. This will enable customers to make requests without canvassing through menus.

Tom Weiland. The vice president of Amazon says that they decided to come up with their technology for customer contact center because legacy solutions were not providing the features, scale and cost structures needed for delivering excellent client services worldwide. This choice has made a difference for the company as the agents are now using this software everywhere when interacting with millions of customers. He continues to say that offering this technology is exciting as the AWS service is simple, flexible, reliable, and cost effective for the cloud.

The first customers of this application include AnswerConnect, GE Appliances, and communications company bandwidth. The CEO, Natalie Fung says that there need for being available to clients at all times no matter what. Fung continues to say that since Amazon is a fully foreign company, there is need of having a softphone for scaling up or down, keeping workers connected and availing the services to the customers at all times.

Amazon gives real-time reporting and easily integrates with existing systems for becoming scalable without impacting customers financially. This option is the best for maintaining relations between us and our clients.