Aichi Town Police luring elderly Drivers with Discounted Funeral Expenses

Senior man in driver's seat of car

Pensioners in Japan are not ready to scrap their driver’s license. However, a police department has the hope of enticing them to take a retirement from the roads by use of discounted funeral incentive. Aichi town is piloting the scheme that hopes to decrease the number of aging drivers from driving.

In the previous year, 2016, elderly drivers caused thirteen percent of all fatal accidents in Aichi. These statistics are from the prefectural police statistics released by the Kyodo news agency of Japan.

The manager of Heiankaku funeral home, Shigenori Ariga, reported to CNN that they have come to a consensus with Ichinomiya department of police to raise road safety awareness to the aged and their families. This funeral home will be offering a discount of 15% for the cost of the funeral alter for elderly clients who will be surrendering their licenses to the police. These discounts will apply to all the 89 locations in which this funeral home possesses. The driver will get a certificate from the police to act as a proof of the discount.

Japan’s funeral send off

It is very expensive to have a send-off in Japan. According to Ariga, you will spend more than 1.5 million Japanese yen for the funeral alter only. He continues to state that there is a lot of tragic funerals which relate to accidents from traffic and there is also an increased trend in the elderly driving. Therefore, this campaign aims at helping the aged and their families to have an option of returning their driver’s licenses.

Currently, Japan is facing a demographic predicament that shows that the population is rapidly aging and will cause an economic concern. In other prefectures of Japan, the schemes of returning the licenses, which usually offer discounts on some goods and services the elderly drivers that return their driving licenses, have come in contact with a significant uptick during the surrenders.

The authorities of Japan are also making it difficult for the aged to renew their driving licenses. They alternatively provide cognitive screening tests for assisting in curbing the accidents spate. The headlines of the first fatal accident of 2016 came from Ichinomiya, and it was a result of a Pokemon Go game on a smartphone. Although this accident did not involve an elderly, the police continue to carry out serious campaigns for road safety.

The police believe that when your age is above seventy-five years, your vision is not good for the road and you can easily cause an accident. Partnering with Heiankaku funeral home proves to be a good move for the families of the elderly since the funeral costs will be quite affordable. Removing the old from driving will also help in solving the economic snare posed by the rate at which they are causing accidents. There will be fewer funeral expenses for the families for their aged will not be driving in traffic. The police will also have a solution on restricting the increasing trend of aging drivers.