Abe says Japan boosting defenses against North Korea


As tensions continue to rise in East Asia, Japan is strengthening defense steps in reaction to what Prime Minister Shinzo Abe known as his country’s most serious security threat since World War II.

Abe outlined his strategy Friday through a policy address in parliament. His schedule included strengthening Japan’s missile defense capacity and buying additional U.S.-made missile defense systems.

Japan’s chief said the nation will take concrete measures.

“We’ll strengthen Japanese defense ability, such as Missile defense, so as to guard the people’s own lives and calmness,” Abe said.

The prime minister also called on the global community to help put pressure on North Korea.

The North Korean threat seems to be drawing Japan nearer to its traditional regional rival, China. In an uncharacteristic move, Abe chose to not comment

“The shift in the security setting in East Asia, particularly when faced by a provocative Pyongyang, made the two leaders feel the urgency to meet and collaborate,” Zhou Yongsheng ” per Western affairs specialist at China Foreign Affairs University.

Abe told Fox Nes earlier this month that he expected to “further afield the U.S.-Japan alliance” from North Korea.