7 Instagram fashion accounts you should follow


Ever since it hit the store, Instagram is the favorite social medium for everybody in the fashion industry. Today everybody have an account there. And as far as fashion goes, Instagram is a must for models as it is for designers. But it over whelmed with fashion accounts, so here is the list of the 7 fashion accounts that are definitely worth your time.

1. @everyoutfitonsatc
I really have no clue how did this account founders come up with this idea, but I’m very grateful to them. @female_trouble and @laurengarroni came to the idea of listing each and every outfit from Sex and the City on instagram. Every image of outfit comes with information about which season and episode is that outfit from. Commentary also follows the images of Patricia Fields’s works. So if you ever want to know something about some Sex and th City outfit for some reason, give this account a look.

2. @whereiseefashion
Founder of this account Bianca Luini really sees fashion in everything including photography, nature, art, literally anything. This account is focused on combining art and fashion, making the line between the two more and more obscure. She really has an eye for the details. This account has its own blog equivalent and both have help Luini gain fame. She now has exhibits Incontri d’Arte is currently showing at the Timken Museum in San Diego.

3. @diet_prada
Although some think that imitation is praising, and tributing, there are some people that imitation calls just like that – imitation. For @diet_prada imitation is just indicator that designer is lazy and non-creative. This account is dedicated to busting the designers in the fashion industry and showing all the receipts. And believe me, this account does research very thoroughly. If that is none of your interest, you could love it only because of its fun commentary.

4. @the_corsetedbeauty
This account will lead you throughout the fashion of the 18th century all the way to the the 1950’s. This account posts the best of everything from the House of Worth to Elsa Schiaparelli, even adding in contemporary period dramas for those costume design fans. Giving credit to the current homes of the looks as well as the designers that created them. Sometime you can even learn how far has fashion came and maybe get a little inspiration.

5. @shitmodelmgmt
This account is covering each and every aspect of model’s life, then includes humor, throws some shade and voila – you are laughing out loud because of his brilliance. Basically he just amplifies examples of extreme modeling, yep. So if you want to laugh at the situations and “perks” of being model in the fashion industry, hit follow.

6. @CopyLab
Chris Rellas, the man who is behind account @CopyLab took Burnett’s quote “Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” and used the best out of it to make a unique account on Instagram. He creates fake fashion ads campaigns, and they are just great. Rellas mostly uses combination of culture, especially pop culture, art, logos and a bit of humor. I won’t try to guess the purpose of this account, that i leave to you. But whatever it is, just keep the content going.

7. @oneofakind.archive
This account posts clothing items from past designer collections that could be found and bought. Here you could run into anything from a 1963 Haute Couture pink silk Balenciaga evening coat to a 2000 Spring/Summer Alexander McQueen bustier. And if you want to buy something head over to their store that is a paradise of vintage and more modern high end fashion. Even if you don’t buy anything you will have hell of a time browsing.