New Satellite Images Show Pollution Map Globally


Images taken by a new European satellite reveal that the rates and supply of air pollutants around the world, such as ash spewing from a volcano in Indonesia.

The European Space Agency released pictures Friday produced by its Sentinel-5P satellite that reveal high concentrations of nitrogen dioxide in parts of Europe on Nov. 22.

Nitrogen dioxide is mainly caused by auto emissions and in industrial processes. Another picture shows high levels of carbon dioxide, commonly generated by flames, in Asia, Africa and South America.

Pepijn Veefkind of the Netherlands Met Office said that “it’s been wonderful to see how quickly we could acquire the satellite working.”

In just a week, we’ve got more information from Sentinel-5P than in several years of operation of a prior assignment”

A series of images also reveal sulfur dioxide, ash and smoke from the Mount Agung volcano in Bali last month.

Sentinel-5P, Launched Oct. 13, can map levels of nitrogen dioxide, methane, carbon Monoxide and other pollutants which can be poisonous to human health or Contribute to global warming.